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Zombies from Night of the Living Dead

For awhile it was vampires everywhere we looked. In books, movies, and television, we have been so beaten down by them that the bloodsuckers have started to lose their bite. As soon as the tweens got a hold of the undead charmers, we should have known that this monster was going to jump the shark. But vampires have held a place within pop culture since Bram Stoker brought us Dracula exactly because of that charm, that mysterious and sexy way they seduce their victims and bring them, often willingly, into their own world.

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Berlin-Teptow, Insel der Jugend, Abteibrücke

Spring has come to the District of Columbia… and gone… and come again.. and gone again with all the fickle false modesty of a Town twink. March is upon us, TNGers, and those of you who without the self-discipline to take a break from your Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month festivities are by now in need of catching up.

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(courtesy Discovery Channel)

Some people help their friends move by having packing parties, by donating boxes they have laying around the house, or by lending their truck for the day. I help my friends move by making sure they’ve got their priorities straight. “So what’s your Rage Virus plan?” Sure it’s great that they’re getting to know their local grocer and getting accustomed to the nearby bus routes, but if they’re not preparing themselves for the day when a rampant plague summons hordes of walking dead to their doorstep, then I probably shouldn’t be wasting my time and love on someone who’s for all intents and purposes just one more zombie from which I’ll need to defend myself.

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Goddamn, Boston got hot this week. I’d love to make a joke about how we should all be grateful that the burning sensation is on our face and not in our underwear, but let’s keep it classy here people. Plus, I can hardly think in my AC-less apartment anyway, where my only source of sub-80 degree temperature comes from slinging a bag of frozen peas around my neck. Hot stuff. Anyway, if you’re looking for better things to do than thaw vegetables on your body all weekend, just check out these events!…

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lon chaney

Zombie is the new black, right? Vampires and werewolves are more popular than ever. Get with the monster zeitgeist at Monsterpalooza, a three-day affair at the Burbank Marriot Convention Center (2500 North Hollywood Way, Burbank). A bit of a Hollywood-magic trade show and fan fest, you’ll get to learn about the creation of so many treasured elemnets of our national cultural heritage.

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Zombies descend on the Southland! Plus, queers rock Long Beach. This is a BIG weekend!

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An art show about Zombies in Love at Nucleus Gallery.