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It’s been a busy week, with an incredibly offensive anti-gay brief coming out of Congress. But a surprise announcement from the American Psychological Association could put a stop to such briefs in the future. Time’s running out before North Carolina votes on banning civil unions, a tribe in Washington state votes unanimously to recognize LGBT marriage, and a survey in New Jersey proves that we’re winning. And also, that we’re losing.

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Happy Monday as we unveil our 2nd of two interviews Queer-lead and all-around TNG approved rockers Of Montreal. This time we feature frontman and brainchild Kevin Barnes, who is about as queer as anyone married to a woman could be, and actually queerer than most guys you see at your average cocktail party. His albums are littered with references to things like gay sex, promiscuity, Prince-worthy falsettoes and Georgie Fruit, Kevin’s “black shemale” alter-ego. In this interview, he discusses religion, sex, gender and so much more. If you’re not interested in checking out Of Montreal after watching this, you at least might find yourself inspired to have some really filthy sex.

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photo by kira

As I have been watching the news lately, more articles and news stores have been surfacing of the current and future food crisis the globe faces. Worldwide we are looking toward a food shortage, with limited access, rising prices, and falling incomes as a result.


Anti-gay forces in Maryland set marriage back another year. That setback is softened by advances in New York, Colorado, and Washington, plus a new ad for equality launches in Rhode Island, but is it too soft?

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In early 1989, two of the queer punk world’s most prominent voices asked a provocative question: Had both punk rock and the gay movement—reflections of similar ideals—failed?

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Straight out of New Brunswick, New Jersey, the punk trio Screaming Females are both a cult favorite and high profile rising stars. They have toured with such popular acts as Dead Weather and Arctic Monkeys. Though their music is hardly suitable for brunch, TNG was able to get lesbian vocalist/guitar goddess Marissa Paternoster to take it down a notch and show us the inside of her van. Naked ladies, Lil’ Kim and failed yoyo tricks ensued. Check it out!

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Photo courtesy of Kaitlin Whitman

Seeing a dude in assless chaps nonchalantly walk up and sign a DADT repeal petition a few feet away from me totally blew my newly post-high school mind. Everything there was looked at with fascination and wide-eyed wonderment, though also peppered with the feeling that I, an awkward and punkish shy kid with a fear of crowds and preference of books to dancing, might not belong here.

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There are three ballot initiatives in different states around the country that are putting GLBT rights to the test.  Please help out in any or every way possible.