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Without debating, analyzing, and criticizing we may allow the continued perpetuation of social injustices within our community or even accept what the hegemonic society has told us is “normal.”

In the end, criticism must come out of love and respect, because if this isn’t the case we will cease to be a movement.

Maybe some of our leaders in the queer community should take note of the Poverty Tour and highlight the plight of queer individuals in America: “The Queer Liberation Tour,” anyone?

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Lame-ass macho Pravda rag FHM surprised no one recently by sinking to new depths of strident transphobia. The dude-mag named noted androgynous male model Andrej Pejic as number 98 on its “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list for 2011, and explained their nomination in terms generously described as “ignorant”

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I thought it would be tough to top the transphobia of the SNL skit. And then I cam across Craig Ferguson’s “half sister Peg.”

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Ever come across one of those moments where you get so angry that your speech centers threaten shut down? This is one of those times, brought to you by SNL.

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This month Seventeen magazine published an article titled “My Boyfriend Turned Out to be a Girl”. The article portrays Sheri, who dated a female-to-male transman named Derek (which means ‘he is a he,’ not the offensive ‘he is a she’). Once Derek was outed as trans, Sheri depicts him as a deceptive liar. The article features other girls’ stories of “total betrayal” from a boyfriend. Examples of ‘total betrayal’ listed include: a drug addict, a pervert who cruises craigslist looking for casual sex, or an older man who knowingly pursues a girl young enough to be his daughter.

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It is easy to feel hopeless, unwanted, and despised when the world around you refuses to accept you and your true identity, or refuses to validate you as a human being. It hurts even more when this comes from those closest to you, like your family, partner, co-workers, and friends. Even things like going to the bathroom or telling people what you would like to be called can be extremely stressful. Knowing people think of you as “freak” and “it” and might even call you that to your face wreaks havoc on your self-esteem. The mental and emotional scars can weigh heavily, and then add that to the pre-existing discomfort of living in a body that doesn’t exactly match up with who you really are, and struggling physically and mentally to become the person who you truly are… It can become unbearable. And while these scars are not as apparent as the ones left by a punch in the face or a kick in the ribs, they still cause great harm and even death.