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El'Jai Devoureau c. The New York Times

Sometimes looking, acting, identifying, and generally being regarded both socially and legally as a man just isnt enough, at least as far as El’Jai Devoureau is concerned.

For those of you who havent heard of the case, according to the New York Times, Devourea was fired from his job of watching male bodied people in a rehab center pee in a cup to ensure that they were not cheating their results. His boss found out that he was trans and then she subsequently fired him for failing to meet the requirements for the job-specifically that he was not born with a bundle of veins, nerves, and skin that was initially called a penis.

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Without Newsradio, we would be unlikely to have a show as propuslively slapstick, as perfectly timed and as overwhelmingly loony as the UK’s hit Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd. The show is ostensibly about Jen Barber, a technologically inept woman who lies her way into a job managing a glamorous office building’s filthy, basement-kept IT department and its deceptively-attractive resident nerds Morris Moss and Roy Trennemen.

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c. Grzegorz Wysocki, Wikimedia Commons

There’s been quite a bit of activity on here lately questioning the best course of action for achieving the rights of transgendered people, whether it’s in allegiance with the gay and lesbian community or separately. All of the discussion resulting from these two recent posts has got me wondering, what does “Dropping the T” mean really? How would it impact the different sections of the queer community? How could it be helpful or hurtful towards trans rights? I feel that many individuals commenting on recent posts have differing ideas of how such a disassociation would pan out, resulting in contention, confusion and anger.

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Saint Sebastian

I now have a profile on a notorious gay cruising site, not going to say which one and give out any details about it, but it does exist. This completely surprised the few friends that I have told about it, mainly because it is so out of my nature (which we all know by now is timid, passive, and too wrapped up in my own head).

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c. Kevin O'Meara

I fell in love with Heidi Barton Stink the very first time I heard her EP “The Familiar Pattern.” Heidi’s rhythms are clever and original, her flow is flawless and her raps are relevant with themes ranging from breaking free from shame, addiction, social justice and love.

Like many queers, I’ve had a complicated and tumultuous relationship with hip hop music. Growing up hip hop held a very important place in my life and functioned as part of the sound track of my childhood: it was turntables, beat boxing and teenage boys break dancing on cardboard.

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On March 16th I had the amazing pleasure of being part of a truly organic and spontaneous rally against a republican fundraiser for Scott Walker. If you havent heard, we spilled out into the streets and decided to march to the White House, and then to the US Chamber of Commerce. For a short period of time we occupied both the building housing the fundraiser and the USCC. Quite simply, this is an incredible time for progressives and people even further left (such as myself).

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Transgender Baltimorean Tyra Trent

I guess hearing about Tyra’s murder just reminded me that even just outside the walls of my college, there are still people that hate us enough to want kill us.

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c. Calogero Sanfilippo

As we all know, it’s much cooler to have a boyfriend with a vagina than it is to have one with a penis. Perhaps this is why, as an out lesbian with no interest in labeling herself queer for fear of seeming too earnest, political, and/or available, and who instead opted to entrench herself in anything even remotely lesbian-themed, oriented or affiliated for close to a decade, it felt confusing when I started seriously dating a trans guy for the first time. Also, he also wasn’t just any trans guy. He was someone very public and active in the trans community as a performer and educator; a guy whom one of my older, dorkier friends referred to as “king trans” when I revealed his name. Way to go in with a bang, I thought, as I tried to adjust to getting read as straight in the greater world. No longer was I half of the lesbian couple getting stared at on the street by people pretending they didn’t notice two women, hand-in-hand, meandering their way.

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Church and State

Much of 2011 thus far has been filled with a series of “What the fuck are you doing?!” moments. The war of women. The war on workers and people who work for a living. And that is just what I can think about in three seconds.

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Picture 1

The process of coming out is frequently one of the most significant events in the life of a queer person. It is a cornerstone, a turning point, and it is always very personal.

As it specifically relates to at least some transpeople, the motivations for and the experience of this process are potentially quite different from the scenario most familiar to society at large. The experience of a gay/lesbian/bisexual woman or man telling friends and family, bringing home their first girlfriend/boyfriend, and more or less (hopefully) beginning the process of living their lives openly, as who they are (at least in the ideal situation) is different for transfolk.