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The First Amendment to our Constitution grants us the freedom of speech, which we gladly practice daily. However, I cannot help wondering if our society allows for complete freedom. A safe space is not always readily available to us for the sharing of our stories or experiences.

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Whether you’re a single lady or not, there’s nothing more fun than getting together with 500 other women from the DC area to celebrate.

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Let’s start by saying that the average NewGay reader, likely doesn’t enjoy the typical club scene in DC very much. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to say that many loathe it, in fact. However, for those of you who don’t share the opinions of “we the bitter”, this is for you. Zack asked me to write a bit about my experiences in the DC club scene, and do a bit of compare/contrast with two clubs: Town and Cobalt. So, what’s the difference between Cobalt and Town? For starters, it’s the clientele. Town appeals to a mostly younger crowd (not counting the small percentages of predatory middle-aged queens), obsessed with half naked Aryan children who dance with the same “It’s Britney bitch!” flair while Lady Gaga blasts so loudly it’s as if the world is a pop-music earthquake.

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But, I suspect, that is not why Liza Minelli made the cover of The Advocate. She made the cover of The Advocate because at one time she was a very important person to many gay men. TNG readers: Was she important to you? Did you listen to Liza Minnelli records to get you through a tough childhood? Do you masturbate to old YouTube clips of “Liza with a Z?” I’m going to guess you didn’t. Liza Minnelli was a central figure in gay culture. Emphasis on the was. In any culture’s media it’s cool to occasionally catch up with the important figures of our past to see how the feel about the present they helped created. But of course, The Advocate’s readers are gay. And gay people don’t get the luxury of separating what is, and what will be, from what has been.

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Happy Wednesday, TNG-loving DC-ites! That’s right, we’re bumping up the Weekend Preview this week in honor of the holiday (and the fact that we’re all taking off tomorrow and Friday). While most of us are fleeing (yeah, Amtrak!) the District for the long weekend, for those still in town or those that will be leaving home as soon as the pumpkin pie is finished, there will still be some events going on to help you burn off that gravy and celebrate having moved far, far away from your family.Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!