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The fact of the matter is that I haven’t had chest surgery and probably won’t be able to for at least 3 or 5 years. Try as I might with layering, binding, etc… the chest exists. I can cover it up as best as I can, but I am hyper-aware that they can be felt when someone hugs me… or at least that’s what I worry. I also worry that it prevents the other person from really just thinking of me as just a guy with no adjective in front of that word (and no unwelcome flesh in front of me). Doesn’t matter who it is hugging me, the person could be queer, straight, cis, trans, whatever; it is always a concern in floating around in my head.

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Apparently there’s a groping epidemic. That’s right. In gay clubs everywhere, a man can walk past another man he finds attractive and cup his butt, or if he’s feeling bold, his crotch.

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Touch Me Here.

Do you masturbate?

If you didn’t answer “Yes!” immediately, let that question sink in for a moment. Don’t worry, nobody’s reading your thoughts, and thinking about this question doesn’t make you a pervert – remember, it’s me who asked it.

Deep breath. Ok, let’s talk about it.