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As the last wisps of adrenaline and black powder dissipate in the post-Independence Day heat, fans of Enlightenment, democracy, and day drinking all over the civilized world prepare for the second big political holiday of the summer. Bastille day does more than shamefully remind Americans that real revolutions do more than overturn tea taxes; with a mock guillotinings in public squares all over the French-speaking world, there’s no better time for unsettlingly necrophilic “getting head” puns. In the famous last words of Louis XVI: “SSSPHHHT gurglegurglegurglegurrrrgllleeee.”

As you’re polishing your blade for this year’s Reign of Terror-themed BDSM party, catch up on some highlights from this week’s content:

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John Barrowman )left) giving the fans what they want. Courtesy flickr.com/photos/donabelandewen

I’m assuming very few of us (myself included) were avid followers of the BBC show Torchwood during its three-year run in the UK that ended in 2009. This is a shame, I now realize, because that shit was HOT.
The dashing, devil-my-care main character is Jack Harkness, an immortal bisexual con-man from the future who was spun off from the Dr. Who series. Yes, that’s right, I just used the words “immortal,” “bisexual,” “con-man,” and “from the future” to describe the main character of a wildly popular television show. Perhaps Armageddon is much closer than anyone thought…

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I should probably never write about my future writing plans because I always seem to break them.  I do, however, still think that the question of why the creators of Avatar chose to write Jake as using a wheelchair is an important one.  I don’t think it was to accurately represent scores of wounded veterans or to empower people with disabilities, though both are within the realm of possibility.  Anyhow, this week my pen was not moved to speak on that topic, but rather to get a bit introspective (and a bit emo, gomennasai) on my interest in team stories.

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I generally have a pretty poor gauge of what the average American is aware of in my areas of interest. Even given that, though, I would be shocked if many people had managed to entirely avoid this summer’s buzz about the BBC sci-fi drama, Torchwood, as it launched a five-part mini-series third season both here and in Great Britain.