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How could you look at that face and not go gay? (courtesy mtv)

I was a junior in high school and my family didn’t have cable, so in order to watch Real World I’d hang out with my friend Liz. Liz and her friends were all Mormons, and Liz and I thought we were into each other. We gave it our best shot, but really we didn’t stand a chance. Plenty of gay guys had sex with girls in high school, but I doubt many of them did while hanging out with Mormons and watching a TV show featuring adorable, openly gay, too-good-to-be true Southern hunk Danny Roberts.

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Fierce lesbians doing what they do best - experiencing orgasms on a magnitude most humans are not even physically capable of imagining (courtesy wikimedia commons)

Much to my dismay, K-Y has taken a slanderous stance with their new commercial featuring a lesbian couple – foully insinuating that a homosexual couple might actually need outside help in order to bring each other to mutual and multiple waves of soul-shattering sexual ecstasy.

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I hear ya, buddy.  She is the worst. courtesy sharetv.com)

Clearly Whitney has skated by in life by being trashy-hot and loudly saying bad things about herself that she tries to pass off as the truth about women. Sorry, Whitney, not all women are emotionally manipulative and proud of it – that sounds like a you thing. Frankly, this crap goes way beyond misogyny into sociopathy, because what’s clearly the much bigger crime here is being committed against us all. This “I’ll tell you the truth about women” thing has been done to death by far greater comics than Whitney Cummings. Being offensive in comedy is often forgivable, but being boring and behind the times is an unpardonable transgression.

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courtesy wikimedia commons

It’s been a while since TNG anointed its next New Gay Sex Symbol, so we wanted to really take things to the next level. Sure, guys are hot and all, but you know what’s hotter? Dogs. Being attracted to human males just isn’t cutting it these days – it’s so DONE, ya know? And one pooch in particular has really got us howling: Wilfred. Here are the reasons why we’re hoping to cross the final frontier, and make Wilfred into man’s best friend with benefits…

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Documentary film director and noted glamorhound Morgan Spurlock strikes a pose (courtesy Current)

In 50 Documentaries To See Before You Die Morgan Spurlock goes to Pittsburgh to investigate the ballroom scene. Think Spurlock’s got what it takes to strike a pose worthy of joining the legendary House of LaBeija? I don’t either, but it should still be worth seeing.

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Alex Morris, the profile’s author, takes what I find to be one of the most riveting pop/fashion stories of our time, stands it up in front of himself, hands it a glass of champagne and says “cheers darling, let’s talk about something else.”

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Bravo would have you believe this is the best Dallas has to offer (courtesy Bravo TV)

Watching Most Eligible Dallas is like sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office next to a middle-aged woman who has just farted. If all the aspects of the situation were different then perhaps it would be a funny story to tell, but instead it’s boring and it’s stinky and just painfully average, and you know it’s going to last for WAY longer than your patience will.

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courtesy ssoosay, flickr.com)

At once both Kenny-G and Sideshow Bob, for some reason her hair is hitting all my buttons. There’s just something about those twisted crimson tentacles that draws me in heart and soul. While she stone-facedly simpers and apologizes to the press and public, her tresses tell a totally different story: “I’m lying! I’ve never been sorry!…”

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courtesy kristenlovesputi, flicker.com)

God I get so bored with liberal smugness. It’s like having a man who you know is impotent try and talk dirty to you. Just lay off, we both know nothing’s going to come of this!

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Chad Allen as Donald Strachey (courtesy here! media)

In our single lives we’ve all had those people who we sleep with, but we don’t necessarily make a big deal about. We don’t introduce them to our friends, we don’t call them to spend a nice evening out on the town together. Generally, we text them on our way home from a bar and say “what’s up? You wanna hang?” It’s harmless, if hollow, recreation. Such are the Donald Strachey mysteries, adapted from book to tv movie for here! media