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The most prudent thing I learned this past weekend is that we need to reject this notion of who is oppressed more and whom the system is out to get the most. What we need to do is focus on building community and real ties with other oppressed people. We need to see that we all blend across the spectrum, and that we are all inherently different. We must see that our equality will create nothing more then our assimilation into heterosexual society. Our uniqueness will be lost and we will still be oppressed. Our liberation will come when we take a step back and truly look at ourselves for who we are: humans with dignity.

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I thought it would be tough to top the transphobia of the SNL skit. And then I cam across Craig Ferguson’s “half sister Peg.”

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Ever come across one of those moments where you get so angry that your speech centers threaten shut down? This is one of those times, brought to you by SNL.

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There are countless hoops trans people have to jump through. What does that certification really entail? In a word, conformity. In another, colonization.

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For centuries, nearly every culture allowed for some kind of expression beyond what we would now view as masculine and feminine roles. Those who lived on these borderlands between genders were often thought to have a sacred perspective, one that allowed them understand gendered interactions in ways that no else could.

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Take a good look at your ID. Presumably it looks like you even if you have to squint a little. What if it didn’t look like you at all?