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John Barrowman )left) giving the fans what they want. Courtesy flickr.com/photos/donabelandewen

I’m assuming very few of us (myself included) were avid followers of the BBC show Torchwood during its three-year run in the UK that ended in 2009. This is a shame, I now realize, because that shit was HOT.
The dashing, devil-my-care main character is Jack Harkness, an immortal bisexual con-man from the future who was spun off from the Dr. Who series. Yes, that’s right, I just used the words “immortal,” “bisexual,” “con-man,” and “from the future” to describe the main character of a wildly popular television show. Perhaps Armageddon is much closer than anyone thought…

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I need to take a step away and prioritize some mending of my psyche and my life. Perhaps take a new driving class on how to handle the car during poor weather conditions.

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Shot 2

Gelloa Solomon addresses Kathy Witterick and David Stocker, who have received much attention recently after their decision not to announce their youngest child’s sex yet.

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c. Kira

Despite the anti-coffee vibe that we seem to carry, more often we are hearing the positive aspects of drinking coffee. Recently, a study done by Harvard University has shown that coffee drinkers experience health benefits.

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Sure, I may need a vibrator when I make it home, but in the long run, will I gain more, by giving him less?

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Janice is the butch one; Image and caption courtesy of GayCaptions

“Well, you’re only half gay, so it’s probably easier for you.” “Actually, you’re at an advantage: it doubles your chances!” “A beautiful girl like you playing both sides of the field? I can’t feel sorry for you.” “Of course, it’s fine for women to be bisexual. In fact, it increases your appeal.”

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c. kira

On a daily basis, the question for me is: which grocery store would I like to go to today—the closest? The cheapest? The one with the best selection and variety? Or the one that I can eat samples as I shop?

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How often do people settle in relationships because their current life scenario isn’t perfect their partner accepts it and rides it out in a way that someone else might not? Maybe work/life balance tends to fall more on the work end of the scale? Long weeks, unexpected trips, canceled dinners and rearranged lives. How often are people with individuals that love them dearly, but aren’t necessarily what the busier partner considers to be in their league, so to speak, all because they don’t have the time and energy to find said “better” person or step up and give what might be required in a different relationship?

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photo by kira

Julia Child always kind of bothered me. I know this is sinful to say. Though I wanted to love the legend, it was the voice.

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I am a Jewish queer woman. Or maybe I am a queer Jewish woman. Or a woman who is Jewish and queer. Labels and definitions are always difficult when applied to holistic human beings, and become even more problematic when they seem to be pitted against one another within the same person. I’ve been observant and engaged in my Jewish identity since earliest childhood. My Judaism has always been one of the most essential elements of whom I understand myself to be. I was a public school kid, but attended Hebrew school from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. I was Jewish. I am Jewish. And then I realized I was bisexual.