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Boston, Weekend Preview »


After a chilly week, a long (and hopefully warm) weekend will be well-deserved.

Boston, Weekend Preview »

laser cats

The title pretty much says it all. The Boston Weekend Preview is heavy on the crazy this week. This weekend’s events in a nutshell are…

Boston, Weekend Preview »

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Are you feeling the heat, Boston? While it might make for a sweaty commute, at least it doesn’t require scaling six foot high snow piles while trying to catch the bus (thank you, February). Instead of reminiscing about cooler times, sip on some lemonade and take a moment to check out our finely tuned weekend agenda for Boston.

Boston, Weekend Preview »


This weekend’s offerings include a block party on Massachusetts Avenue, a burlesque showdown in Harvard Square, and an “It Gets Better” fundraiser in Central Square, among other summery happenings. So put on your party pants and go check out these events!