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At the end of my first five months in gay ol’ New York City, among encounters with men of all shapes and sizes (heh), with razor blade lips and high-fashion pouts, with glistening eyes and affectionate brows; after inviting into my home countless opportunities for romance and profound mutual discovery, I have reached this ultimate conclusion: I’m better off with bread.

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Photo by Alex Testere

The Subway is a magical, magical place. The sweating masses, skittering rats, incessant saxophonists — all naturally a breeding ground for … romance? I’m not talking about I-love-yous and eternal vows, or even first dates out at that swanky bar you’ve been meaning to take someone to. The romance of the Subway is softer, quieter, and rarely makes its presence fully known but in the afterthought of a fleeting encounter, after the train has moved along and you’ve found yourself with a ten-minute walk home to reminisce on that intimate stranger with the hairy wrists.

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It’s so out of fashion to say it aloud. To stand on a mountaintop and scream at the top of your lungs “Goddamnit I want so desperately for someone to fucking love me.” These are the kind of things you are never supposed to feel. And if you feel them you aren’t supposed to. Never say it out loud. Neediness equals weakness.

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I want your love!

I got emailed early one morning last week to ask if I was interested in covering a hardcore short soon to be released on nakedsword.com. I figured “hey, let’s get this day STARTED,” and agreed to review the video.

Now that I’ve seen it I’m stuck in an awkward position, because I want to write a love letter to the video, and don’t want to sully it with words like hardcore, porn, and NSFW.

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Henry and Glenn Forever

A zine celebrating the love between Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig will be released at Secret Headquarters.