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Emotionally speaking, changing genders is a nightmare. The wreck it renders one’s psyche is one I’ll never fully comprehend. And unless you do-it-yourself, you never will either. Sure, the scars inherent may seem self-evident to sympaticos. But just because we’re becoming more cognizant of the Trans-Atlantic plight, that does mean those scars don’t still mar. Again, as a heteronormative “cissy,” luckily, I’ll never have to know it myself. My biology is just not that cruel. Speaking of, often lost in the tumult of transitioning is the physical toil it exerts on the body. It’s like that emo nightmare made manifest. A white Saxon trapped only in the cage of his own Protestant body, I don’t do pain too well. (Actually, my threshold for it is pretty much non-existent.) In other words, I could not suffer what Lisa Jackson does here so bravely.

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Danish rockers The Raveonettes have long been a favorite of TNG’s. We’ve scored a full interview with Sharin and an Ask A Straight Guy with Sune, but never gotten them to do what they do best: Play music. Since their output has always been a fierce, midnight-tinged throwback to other eras (50′s girlgroups, The Cure’s synthful wistfullness, Jesus and Mary Chain fuzz) it’s rare to catch them in a quiet moment. But we did. This track – “Ignite,” off new album Raven in the Grave, just showcases Sharin Foo, Sune Rose Wagner and their incredible harmonies. It’s pretty special.

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No one in K-Holes is gay, yet they went out of their way to make a video that will surely tax the right hands of their homo fan base. The more that a gay/grunge aesthetic intersects with Butt Magazine’s “legitimate porn” leanings and the ongoing domination of indie-queers in urban spaces, the more we are likely to get art like this. XTube hero Black Spark is currently the pioneer in this area but its pretty cool to see it spread out to another medium. I don’t generally expect to see boner-inducing content on Stereogum, but I guess there aren’t a lot of music videos like this.


Franz Nicolay has not been laying low. The former member of The Hold Steady has released two solo albums, one since leaving the band, and written a collection of short stories. He has been alligned with groups as diverse as Guignol, Anti-Social Music and World/Inferno friendship society. He also has a kick-ass mustache. He treated TNG to a rare quiet moment with these two tracks, “Z for Zachariah” and “This is Not a Pipe.” We hope you like them and take a moment to check his most recent release, the great “Luck & Courage.”

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You have to listen to something else aside from just moans and gasps. What’s on your BDSM playlist?
the next time you’re buckling on your leather harness and you’re partner is getting their jock strap and collar on, consider giving KMFDM a rest for the evening and give Grieg and Holst a shot instead. It’s entirely possible that you may never going back. I still love the synths and keyboards but, when it comes to BDSM sessions, I’d rather go with orchestras.


Since keeping up with indie music has become such an all-encompassing national passtime, it’s easy to forgot how much quality music is in one’s own backyard. That is especially true in DC, where our best known band is Thievery Corporation, the musical embodiment of K Street. I’d heard about the group Ra Ra Rasputin since they formed in 2007, but my first time seeing them play was for this “Electricity” video, shot in the alley behind DC’s Black Cat. Suffice it to say, I will not be missing any of their future shows. Thanks, Ra Ra!

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Megan and Lynn have been friends for two months. One lives in North Carolina, the other in New Orleans. Now they’re meeting for the first time in New York City. So — what happens when two friends come out from behind the computer screen? Will real life triumph over the internet?

In this episode, they talk the role models, gay and otherwise, that helped them be who they are today.

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Matisyahu brings an unsuspecting presence to the stage… He moves with an energy that seems to come from within and brings the crowd on a journey through his music—and the crowd is eager to go wherever he feels.

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Long Beach’s Art Theater celebrates pride with two midnight showings of Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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A queer rock night at the Echoplex–just what LA needed!