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c. speakeasydc.com

Last night, I attended my first D.C. Pride event and I am completely sold. Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company presented SpeakeasyDC’s production of “Don’t Ask, Do Tell: stories about coming out, coming clean, or just plain coming.” SpeakeasyDC puts on a great show: bluntly honest, hysterical, and heartfelt. This production not only exceeded expectations, but it brought something else to the evening as well: non-judgmental Pride.

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LoveFoxxx getting ready for her May 2011 performance at DC's 9:30 Club

How do you define “normal?” Within the realm of possible expectations? The average of past events? However it’s defined, my perspective is apparently skewed.

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Source: www.leilockheart.me

As the singularly most exceptional source for factual denotations, Urban Dictionary presents this definition of ‘gay root’: “early signs of being gay, things that affect the formation of one’s queerness.” The definition goes on to present examples of gay roots such as ‘the love of ABBA, and musical theatre.’ I myself was never a fan of ABBA, but in reflection on my somewhat sordid childhood, there exists unequivocal evidence of my rampant homo-status very early on. Fifth grade arguably remains the queerest year of my existence, though it would be years before I’d discover my affinity for asymmetrical haircuts, literary tattoos, or you know, actually sleeping with women.

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It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just…well, you know…

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c. 663highland

Queer identity and queer sexuality are not that difficult to define (I say it’s the lack of heterosexist privilege. Any other response would be more group-specific). But queer sex? It extends beyond the genders and sexes of the parties involved.

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Happy Monday as we unveil our 2nd of two interviews Queer-lead and all-around TNG approved rockers Of Montreal. This time we feature frontman and brainchild Kevin Barnes, who is about as queer as anyone married to a woman could be, and actually queerer than most guys you see at your average cocktail party. His albums are littered with references to things like gay sex, promiscuity, Prince-worthy falsettoes and Georgie Fruit, Kevin’s “black shemale” alter-ego. In this interview, he discusses religion, sex, gender and so much more. If you’re not interested in checking out Of Montreal after watching this, you at least might find yourself inspired to have some really filthy sex.

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Queer-lead and all-around TNG approved rockers Of Montreal are as much about their visual aesthetic and their LSD live shows as they are their own music. In this, the first of two Of Montreal video interviews, David Barnes (Kevin’s brother) gave us a bit of his time to discuss where the Of Montreal visuals come from, what the American flag means to him and just exactly how they can perform in those costumes night after night.

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buddy w

This is a poetry show you DO NOT Want to miss, with special Guest Natalie E. Illum.

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I am a Jewish queer woman. Or maybe I am a queer Jewish woman. Or a woman who is Jewish and queer. Labels and definitions are always difficult when applied to holistic human beings, and become even more problematic when they seem to be pitted against one another within the same person. I’ve been observant and engaged in my Jewish identity since earliest childhood. My Judaism has always been one of the most essential elements of whom I understand myself to be. I was a public school kid, but attended Hebrew school from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. I was Jewish. I am Jewish. And then I realized I was bisexual.

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Be they strangers or your girlfriend, dealing with people can be difficult.