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Now, this not to say that all Orthodox kids are sheltered and completely aware of LGBTQ identities, because that’s certainly not true. Actually, my two best and most accepting friends on campus happens to be a straight, cisgender Orthodox guy and his girlfriend. Yet, on the whole, it hasn’t been a pretty picture. There are people who have known me for almost a year, have heard people refer to me as “he” or as a guy, but still call me “she” or include me in statements such as “we have x number of girls right now”.

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Photo by Alex Testere

The Subway is a magical, magical place. The sweating masses, skittering rats, incessant saxophonists — all naturally a breeding ground for … romance? I’m not talking about I-love-yous and eternal vows, or even first dates out at that swanky bar you’ve been meaning to take someone to. The romance of the Subway is softer, quieter, and rarely makes its presence fully known but in the afterthought of a fleeting encounter, after the train has moved along and you’ve found yourself with a ten-minute walk home to reminisce on that intimate stranger with the hairy wrists.

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I turn 29 on the 29th of next month. I am not at all bothered by the fact that I am ending my 20s, or that I am swiftly approaching 30. Those things mean nothing to me besides the fact that I’m probably in the best shape of my life, I’m in a great relationship, and have a good job.

What does interest me is that fact that I was 19 when I had my first real girlfriend, so this year I am marking my 10 year anniversary of Queerdom.

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Whether or not her death is of international importance or whether or not it’s hyperbolic to claim she changed pop music forever is not what I want to address (though I will briefly: her death matters because she’s an artist whose work spoke to and touched many people, and there’s a difference between someone whose music comes to define the times verses someone whose work defies it and thereafter shapes it. She falls into the latter category, in my opinion). What I want to express is how Back to Black is an album that embodies this experience of unrequited love, in all of its romance, agony and tragedy, an experience queer folk so often endure — I’d venture to say more so than heterosexual folks — and therefore can relate to on a very soulful and real level.

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I stand by something I realized sixteen years ago. The best way to change the world is to be yourself. When people see dollar bills with minority scribbling it doesn’t defuse their hatred or enlighten them. But when people see that their neighbor or co-worker is an awesome person who just happens to be gay, the impact could potentially be huge.

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How could a gay blog outfit based in DC be hungry for political writers? Hasn’t TNG hooked up with enough enterprising Gay Inc. interns by now to fill a Netroots Nation conference room, much less to rope some hapless powertwink into posting a few hundred words each week about things like gay barbarian terrorist hordes glitterimmolating in Marcus Bachmann’s waiting room? Ah, but there’s the rub: those are are the only people we’ve hooked up with, mostly because they were the only ones who could afford to buy us drinks, and they are all boring in print, because they write press releases for a living and have real jobs to worry about.

TNG seeks hot, fresh political perspectives outside the mainstream to deepen and diversify our content. The farther outside the K Street spectrum of marriage equality, adoption, and ENDA you’re willing to write, the better: from pissing off rich old queens to courting fascism to analyzing class conflict to building queer-anti-imperial solidarity to pissing off rich old queens, we push the envelope because we aren’t sucking financial cum from the corruption-swollen cock of corporate America and its sellout gay bourgeois liberal-establishment enablers believe firmly in the democratic potential of free, independent media. So hit us up at submit@thenewgay.net, and we’ll be in touch!

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Last night I saw Mike’s picture. I was caught off guard. Usually he made me grimace but instead I felt this intense urge to be held by him. To smell his hair. To love his voice instead of hating it like I did for two decades. I connected with a long-buried disappointment and realized that underneath all my hate for Mike was a long unanswered love.

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Tell Michele Bachmann her campaign’s screwed!

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A lot of exciting things turn up in the TNG mailbag in a given week: watercolors, hate mail, rectal douching kits. Still, nothing warms our hearts (if not our lower colons) more than good old-fashioned complimentary fan mail. Thanks to new TNG convert Justen Martinez for brightening our day!

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Riding high on our 11,000th facebook like, TNG is proud to another of this week’s blog benchmarks: our first unsolicited hate mail! A certain Mike Worley took time out of what was certainly a busy workday to send us this message, packed pipe bomb-like with wholesome Christian love:

your “kind” is a filthy, nasty, sickening, immoral, hellbound bunch of diseased lower life forms that are a waste of air. your “kind” makes me want to puke! God has judged your type to HELL.

Turns out our (eminently Googleable and technologically naive) friend Mr. Worley is, by trade, and accomplished crafter of Amish horse harnesses. Come to think of it, I think I recall his handiwork from a smart little basement bar just off the Paul-Robesonstrasse in Berlin, where I learned the fun way that, pound-for-pound, the average Czech teenager canters smoother and longer than a thoroughbred ever could. And all without the benefit of one of Mike’s lovingly handmade cruppers! Drop him a line in the testimonials section of his site to let him know how much you appreciate his craftsmanship, his evangelism, and his concern.