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A new twist in the Prop 8 case, with a court date coming just days after a controversial new judge is expected to join the Supreme Court. New York launches its own attack on the Defense of Marriage Act, and polling brings mostly good news, and a little bad.


The Prop 8 trial is coming to Broadway — and then to theaters all over the country. The fallout from New York continues, with renewed efforts in Maryland and Colorado. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on DOMA’s repeal on Wednesday, the 20th, and meanwhile Canada makes us look bad celebrating the sixth anniversary of marriage equality.

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Unfortunately, most of the white people screaming loudest on this topic have no interest in unraveling the causation of these disparities. They just want to extrapolate the statistical data that demonstrates a correlation between a person’s race (so long asthey are not white) to their negative traits. They attack white intolerance through their religion and black intolerance through their race, and facts be damned. Instead of using every instance of “black homophobia” as evidence that the Negros are coming to get the white homos, the white homos could avail themselves of the realities of minority experiences in the LGBT community.


This week’s episode features an analysis of King & Spalding’s decision to drop the DOMA defense, plus a fun montage of Maggie Gallagher jumping from one self-contradictory opinion to another on Judge Walker’s orientation.


Leaked footage of the Prop 8 trial sparked a legal tug of war this week, with anti-gay groups renewing efforts to keep their work out of public view. Delaware’s on track to be the 8th state to offer marriage-ish protections, and activists gear up in New York.


What’s the connection between this anti-gay assault in New York and this anti-gay politician in California? We’ll take a closer look at both this week, and analyze some new ads airing in Oregon. There’s been significant movement around the country on civil unions, and Montana Republicans are backing an bill that could send any gay couple to prison for up to ten years. All that plus an interview with Lavi Soloway, the attorney at the center of efforts to protect bi-national couples from forced deportation


This week’s episode is now up — it’s all about the blame game going on in Maryland right now, and also what seems to be a troubling new tactic by NOM.


Anti-gay forces in Maryland set marriage back another year. That setback is softened by advances in New York, Colorado, and Washington, plus a new ad for equality launches in Rhode Island, but is it too soft?


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There’s a bitter battle shaping up in Congress, and a nailbiting fight to the finish in Maryland. A new judge in the Prop 8 case, and a big surprise from Wyoming Republicans, thanks in part to one legislator’s gay daughter.

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We are not taking this one lying down, are we boys?

Thanks to Facebook’s cutting-edge best-in-class marketing algorithms, I am treated almost exclusively to body hair removal and online dating ads every time I log on. But today, something new popped up – an ad for a brand new way for me to support the gay rights movement.