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These questions are anything but mutually exclusive.

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The rainbow is such an amazing symbol and one that I am so proud to have as a representation of my community. The rainbow is about lots of beautiful things individually coming together to create something even more breathtaking. Nearly every person at the National Equality March was sporting a rainbow of some kind, be it on their shirt, a small flag, a bracelet, a home-knitted scarf, or even a flag that stretched across the entire street and had to be held by over 30 people. And that color and light was reflected in all of our faces. I often found myself just looking around in awe of all the smiling and beautiful people around me. There was a palpable energy in the air. It was a mixture of excitement, hope, anger, and laughter. But, like the rainbow, the combination was breathtaking.

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261px-La_femme_invisible (1)

Dating a transguy, and coming to terms with the disconnect between my appearance and my true self, has given me new perspective on the contradictions that come with being queer in a society that presumes heterosexuality and rigid gender boundaries. Coming out to new friends seemed easier when I had girlfriends to bring around; now it takes a more complicated explanation. It’s a fine line to walk–being honest about my relationship without feeling like I’m treating my partner like a token or verging on TMI-territory with folks who want the finer details of surgeries and hormone effects. Ultimately, the trans-bomb is my partner’s to drop, but he’s open enough to encourage me to come out (again) to close family and friends and field their questions about trans life.

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Photo credit: Rachel Gutin

I went to my first Pride parade years ago, when I was a young scared little queerling of 22 or 23. I went to my second two weeks ago. What happened in the intervening years? Well, very little. At that first Pride parade, I felt out of place. I came looking for belonging, but didn’t belong there. It was so loud, so audacious. So… So prideful. I thought at the time that the problem was with the raw sexuality on display. The barely clothed men dancing on so many of the floats, bare breasted women throwing social mores (along with their bras) to the wind, doms and subs doing things with chains whips and leashes in public… It all made me uncomfortable. Why couldn’t these people just be normal? Where were the normal queers like me who didn’t want to make a big deal out of their sexuality, but just wanted to gather and exist comfortably? In retrospect, I think the concept I had a hard time with was Pride itself. I didn’t really understand what there was to be proud of.

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Me (the gay marriage Grinch) and my BF, in how I expect we will be married - solemn tasteful karaoke ceremony

This weekend something amazing happened – I started thinking about marrying my boyfriend. When, in the past, I considered the possibility of marriage equality in New York I, of course, expected to feel happy, but what I hadn’t anticipated was how it would change the way I feel about my relationship.

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I shuffled down the hall into Andrea’s room and sat on her floor in the middle of the rug. Looking down at the threads, at nothing in particular, I mumbled to her, “I……….. like guys.” She was the first person I had come out to… sober, that is. But my awkwardness was transformed by Andrea’s immediate response: “That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you!” Her excitement changed an uncomfortable and self-doubting moment into a source of pride for me.

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In Dyke We Trust

It’s the time to hit the streets! Make some noise. Be visible. Be heard. Demonstrate, agitate, liberate!

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June is my birthday month. It’s also pride month. This year, for the first time in my life, I got to celebrate it properly: in the eternal city, with a million other souls that together became one. Together we made ourselves visible, we made ourselves heard and we demanded respect.

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Riding high on our 11,000th facebook like, TNG is proud to another of this week’s blog benchmarks: our first unsolicited hate mail! A certain Mike Worley took time out of what was certainly a busy workday to send us this message, packed pipe bomb-like with wholesome Christian love:

your “kind” is a filthy, nasty, sickening, immoral, hellbound bunch of diseased lower life forms that are a waste of air. your “kind” makes me want to puke! God has judged your type to HELL.

Turns out our (eminently Googleable and technologically naive) friend Mr. Worley is, by trade, and accomplished crafter of Amish horse harnesses. Come to think of it, I think I recall his handiwork from a smart little basement bar just off the Paul-Robesonstrasse in Berlin, where I learned the fun way that, pound-for-pound, the average Czech teenager canters smoother and longer than a thoroughbred ever could. And all without the benefit of one of Mike’s lovingly handmade cruppers! Drop him a line in the testimonials section of his site to let him know how much you appreciate his craftsmanship, his evangelism, and his concern.

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June 4th was the SlutWalk through Chicago’s Loop. At Milwaukee’s PrideFest the week after, this author’s “Chicago SlutWalk” t-shirt inspired Wisconsinites to get involved their own SlutWalk (in Milwaukee on August 13). The popularity of this movement, which has extended around the world, signifies a human readiness for change.