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Photo by Adamantios; Wikimedia Commons

Are you feeling like your side of the story isn’t being told?

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What this means in the context of this post, and hopefully to real world situations is that the queer community was born out of the diversity and out of riot and against oppression and patriarchy. But during times of war or massive upheavel, there are pretty unnoticeable things that people proclaim under the banner of Patriotism that is both deeply classed, racialized and sexualized. And during those times, homonormativity is asked by the queer community to be considered as good queer citizens. But homornortamvity is standing room only and the word can only encompass so few people deemed worthy of national recogntion.

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c. Shando Davis, TNG Flikr

At this point in your journey you think the hardest part about being a gay kid in an exclusively straight environment is that you don’t have a template to model your life after. There is no one to show you what you can hope for or what you should steer away from. No one to take you by the hand and assure you that everything will turn out fine. Blind and unguided, you’re left to fend for yourself, to piece together a good life when you have no idea what a good life is supposed to be for a gay black man.

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Nong Tum, arguably Thailands most recognizable Kathoey courtesy wikimedia commons)

It’s delightful to see that when the big “reveal” happens, the judges and audience seem to generally be pleasantly surprised. Thai culture is definitely more accustomed to trans females (eg: the publicly recognized culture of kathoey), but that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a certain amount of societal shame attached to being a non-masculine male. Thus, I was happy to see the singer treated with respect (the hosts referred to her as “her” rather than stumbling through awkward non-gendered pronouns or only using her name) and acknowledged for her talent.

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And as a my friend Kevin said on a profound car ride once, ‘”You can be your race within your community and go home to your family and easily identify with your family. But when your gay, you dont come home to a family of gay people”. The disidentification from queer and race, in this case, strikes at family and community where sexual identification may be a stronger identification marker than being a racialized individual.

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Image from Tropical Malady, courtesy of the Environmental Film Festival © Strand Releasing

As I’ve touched on before in this column, there are countless film festivals taking place all over the United States and throughout the world. In just about any major city and many of the smaller ones, as well, you can find a film festival that has the courage to show films that are often left out of the mainstream and likely wouldn’t be shown at your local multiplex. From festivals celebrating the art of film in total to those that seek to expose the creative work happening within niche categories based on demographic or interest, the recognition of the art and craft of film is alive and well.

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evelyn speaking

The double edge sword of assimilation had a negative effect on black educators and black students. With the Supreme Court decision, many of the black teachers were terminated from their position. [Prior to the Brown v. Board of Education decision, 96 percent of full-time faculty in black schools consisted of black women. The field of teaching has historically provided a significant means of upward mobility, particular for African-American women.] The new policy of an integrated form of education provided avenues for future economic success for black children it meant the decline in population of black educators. White teachers were entrusted with the assimilation process of the black student population. Black children assimilated into this culture based on the normative practices of white aesthetics and Heteronormativity.

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Are we still afraid to see two gay men kiss in a hot steamy shower on network television? My answer- network television, your privilege is showing.

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TNG_50F Gay in Life Image_Growing Up Queer

Growing up queer is no easy task. To be completely honest, being a queer adult can be just as confusing at times. Now in my late twenties, while I’m no longer the young Princess Boy playing with Barbies and trying on my mother’s heels in her closet, I did paint my kitchen pink (with black trim), and I now have the Barbie logo tattooed on my chest across my heart—for my mom—for doing the best she could, and for all the times I was able to play and pretend.

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In the words of JoAnne Rome, born without a left hand, she describes being stared at by able bodied people, “I owed an explanation to everyone who demanded one ….‘What happened to your arm?’ was a luxury I could not chose to answer… the world made it clear I owed them an explanation”.