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I was caught by surprise-I thought JT looked like one of those rich Hollywood guys who lives on the canals.

“I’m dying of AIDS,” he said calmly as he ate his bowl of greens, “and I served in the Marine Corp for five years and when I got home and found out I was sick and I couldn’t get my medicine! Finally they’re doing something, but that’s only cause I went nuts. I went out of my mind here on the beach.”

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Times Square

As the resident of a big city (Chicago) and the former resident of an extremely touristy city (DC) I think a lot about the qualities an Urban (with a capital U) person. I also think a lot about the types of conformity, crazy efforts to fit in, and downright stupidity that is often associated with this desire to be cool and to be a part of the city in which you live. Although pretty confident about my knowledge and street cred in both DC in Chicago, when I travel I often find myself feeling like its the first time I’ve ever seen a building taller than a barn.

This is a meditation on finding confidence in new environments.

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In 2002 I was leading a double life that I am certain many gay men live. In public I was all smiles and jokes. No matter how outrageously fun the dance floor was or how many laughs I shared at a meal with my friends…I always went home and immediately got on gay chat sites.

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“Our community has long been built on sharing the history and traditions with the people before and after us. I remember coming to this city from Atlanta and people sharing those things with me. One of the first things I learned was how at the gay bars back then, if you moved to a different table, you couldn’t take your drink with you. A waitress had to do it for you. Those are little things, but they are part of the fabric of our history and our shared understanding of gay life. I have seen our torrent of history become a trickle. A sense of our heritage is gone.

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She's got a gangsta stare. The Reluctant Bride by Auguste Toulmouche ( from Wikimedia Commons)

I attended my first wedding this past weekend, at the age of 20. Interesting to be new to the wedding scene at that age, an age where conflicting emotions about love and lust are raging inside of you; becoming an angry young man (or however you personally identify) and a gentle romantic, and switching between the two in a matter of minutes.

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As a teenager I thought all it took was a shot to end these feelings.

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Saturday morning we lazed on his couch after breakfast, I rubbed his feet as he looked at mid-century furniture on-line and we both drank coffee. He told me that he didn’t think his brother was going to pull through this, and I tried to reassure him that he would, of course he would.

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For people living with HIV in Mississippi, the stigma surrounding the disease is often more frightening than the disease itself. The Update photographed six brave Mississippians whose lives have been scarred by stigma—but who have chosen to fight back.

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c. JScreationzs,

Taxes are just a metaphor for life, because everything is taxing. I used to believe that anything worth doing was going to take a little effort, but these urban attacks on my financials, my better job situation and my personal life and time seem to be taking on mammoth porportions lately. What is the ratio of bullshit to existence that my Mother intend for me to contend with in order to keep safe, sane and consensual I ask myself? Is it just the PMS, or in the middle of rainy deadline driven April am I finally ready to really set something, or someone, on fire? Finally.

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Saint Sebastian

I now have a profile on a notorious gay cruising site, not going to say which one and give out any details about it, but it does exist. This completely surprised the few friends that I have told about it, mainly because it is so out of my nature (which we all know by now is timid, passive, and too wrapped up in my own head).