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After a chilly week, a long (and hopefully warm) weekend will be well-deserved.

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First things first, this is your reminder that Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Whether your mom politely refuses to acknowledge your homo-ness or (alternatively) enjoys discussing episodes of The Real L Word in far too much detail, chances are she deserves a shout out this weekend. I’m not your mom, but if I were I’d at least like a phone call or chocolate or whatever quirky gender-queer gift you could come up with, you crafty homo. And while I’m at it, I’m also going to remind you to put some of these events in your handy desk planner and stop teasing your brother…

Boston, Weekend Preview »


I spent all day trying to conjure up a theme for this week’s Preview and naturally, all I could come up with were my usual gripes about work, the weather, and varying ways in which my morning commute annoys me.

But then I made the astoundingly obvious realization that the weekend is the opposite of those day to day stressors. Rain or shine, it’s a time to let go and appreciate the people around you and the city you live in. I’m the last one to suggest that we all sit around drinking mate and singing Kumbaya together, but by all means, use the weekend to forget about all the things that drive you crazy during the week.