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To which I playfully remarked… ” lucky for you , I never had an issue putting organs in my mouth “.

Silence for a bit, and then “yeah, that’s very nice”.

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(c) Guillermo Riveros

Avery would cut through the bottom left corner of the park, to get to a Q-train at 57th Street and eventually home to Brooklyn. Though his iPod had died on the way uptown, he kept the earphones in, only listening to his own muffled footsteps. Each passing lamp post kept him from being swallowed by the black that such a moonless night provided.

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Words are powerful. We hear thousands of them everyday and process them automatically, but the attachments we attribute greatly affect the way we understand our experience. As feminist theologian Mary Daly wrote, “If God is male, then male is God.”

I had been wondering recently how homos define the word “virginity” when the typical meaning doesn’t make much sense. If the LGBT community has traditionally been excluded from formulating discourse, how do we find a definition for a word like virginity that is actually relevant to our dealings in the world? Do we have to reconsider what we mean by some of the most basic words in our vocabulary?

To put it bluntly: what the fuck is sex?