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What’s the connection between this anti-gay assault in New York and this anti-gay politician in California? We’ll take a closer look at both this week, and analyze some new ads airing in Oregon. There’s been significant movement around the country on civil unions, and Montana Republicans are backing an bill that could send any gay couple to prison for up to ten years. All that plus an interview with Lavi Soloway, the attorney at the center of efforts to protect bi-national couples from forced deportation


DOMA Doubts Rescue Couples from Deportation: March 28, This Week in Prop 8


Lies, prejudice, and straight-up-gibberish. It’s NOM’s new pro-DOMA commercial and we’re going to take it down. Let’s look at the worst of it.


This week’s episode is now up — it’s all about the blame game going on in Maryland right now, and also what seems to be a troubling new tactic by NOM.


Anti-gay forces in Maryland set marriage back another year. That setback is softened by advances in New York, Colorado, and Washington, plus a new ad for equality launches in Rhode Island, but is it too soft?

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1979 Georgetown University

The goal was to have a civil discussion on the question of marriage from a Catholic perspective. Though in a case like this where neither side is likely to be convinced of much by any argument it is ultimately an exercise in circular talking points

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GetEqual dissects NOM’s newest campaign against marriage

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Photo: Screen shot taken from Matt Baume's video

Is the National Organization for Marriage’s new ad campaign intentionally misleading or just ignorant? TNG contributor Matt Baume from Stop8.org weighs in.


These are highlights from “The Big Commit” marriage equality rally held in Washington, DC on Sunday, August 15, 2010 in response to the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM) rally in DC. Featuring remarks from Karen Williams, the first openly lesbian black comic and Will Philips, 10 year old straight ally who became famous for refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Recorded by Angie Young.

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The National Organization for (restricting) Marriage brought their summer tour to DC this weekend.