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I have a query for you…
So let’s say you love your 9-5 job (which I do), and you really like all the people you work with (like I do) — not a bad apple on the team — but you find at times that your job is making you stressed beyond words. How do you handle?

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Two of my favorite things in the summer:

1. A book on the beach on a sunny day.

2. A movie at home on a rainy day.

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On a lazy day, Chris runs up against Erick’s boycott list when he suggests they go out to see a movie.

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A little escapism never did anyone wrong, right? Do you ever find yourself in just another boring day, staring at the walls of your cubicle and gaydreaming away about the exciting life you were just meant to live?

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The Scream

Am I the only nerd out there totally excited about Scream 4? Maybe it’s nostalgia for the late 90’s, but I always thought the Scream franchise was at the top of the slasher genre. It had a cleverness about itself and delivered to horror fans exactly what they wanted, while offering genuine entertainment and laughs along the way. I am a horror fan, but I don’t particularly enjoy blood, guts and gore, but anything that is done smartly can win me over in the end. And for me, it’s nice to see a turn away from the torture-porn genre of Saw and its contemporaries.

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Elizabeth Taylor at the American Film Festival of Deauville (Normandy, France) in September 1985, by Roland Godefroy.

This week, we lost one of the great classic Hollywood actresses and a constant champion of HIV/AIDS advocacy, Elizabeth Taylor. Battling health problems for many years, she died on Wednesday of congestive heart failure. Her’s was a life filled with ups-and-downs, controversies, and of course, all of those husbands. In so many ways, she was the perfect Hollywood starlet- a vision on screen, a strong actress, a great beauty who became a brand on her own, and the fountain from which endless gossip fodder spewed into the tabloids.

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Image by TNG's Kat

The winter solstice is more than a month distant, and while the amount of sunlight we get each day is getting greater and greater, the winter itself is far from over. Next week we find out from the groundhog how much winter we have left this year, and we know he’s never right. East coasters are struggling through inches (or feet!) of snow, at times like this it seems that spring might never come. We thought we’d re-inaugurate the Friday Staff Survey with some uplifting tips for how to survive winter:
How do you banish the winter blahs?

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As a gay comic book geek, I’m often faced with a very serious dilemma when pondering which superheroes I should support. The quandary is simple, but distressing: what is the one most important factor in deciding who’s the coolest?

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I have to put aside sex for a week to reflect on The Jungle Book. It’s no secret that Disney injects its movies with adult themes from time to time, but The Jungle Book is truly the gayest movie I have seen in a long time. And yes, I’m using “gay” to mean gay.

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This is so gay.

Can someone remind me why I’m in Maryland for Thanksgiving? Is it family? Old friends? The bewitching scent of roasted Brussels sprouts, which I started smelling last week through a warp in the space-time continuum? This weekend’s lineup is almost enough to make a gal forgo Thanksgiving sentimentality in favor of queer booty-shaking.