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Crossposted with permission from Matt Baume.
It’s been a relatively quiet week: the anti-gay industry is planning to protest gay couples’ weddings, Senator Leahy will hold hearings on DOMA …


We did it! New York Marriages can start in less than a month. That success gives us new leverage in the 44 states that have yet to enact marriage equality. We also won victories this week in Wisconsin and Maryland, but gay couples in Illinois are just discovered a dangerous new civil unions loophole. And phony anti-gay polls could skew voting in Minnesota.


This week’s all about Equality Maryland’s chaos, plus the looming deadline in New York, civil unions in Illinois, and that French politician who compared gay couples to bestiality.


It’s almost all bad news this week, with an anti-gay measure gaining ground in Minnesota, slow progress in New York, a resignation in North Carolina, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker staking out a position against LGBT hospital visitation.


The fight for marriage intensifies in New York with the long-awaited marriage bill finally introduced. But do LGBT groups have the support needed to pass it? Cathy Marino-Thomas will fill us in on their latest lobbying efforts. New York’s pro-marriage Republicans could tip the scale in our favor, but in other states Republicans are working to ban marriage, and to penalize employers who provide health care to same-sex spouses. Binational LGBT couples are in a legal limbo right now, with a judge delaying Henry Velandia’s deportation proceedings for another seven months. Lavi Solloway was there in court, and will tell us what happened.


Disagreement over marriage versus civil unions could drive Rhode Island’s LGBT activists against each other. An unknown source is funneling millions of dollars to anti-gay groups in fifteen states. We’ll talk about Target’s role in Minnesota’s double-ban on marriage, and share some good news from Brazil, Scotland, and Taiwan.


Why did John Boehner sign up for a protracted legal fight over anti-gay laws without finding out first what it was going to cost the taxpayers? Hope is on the way for gay couples facing homelessness due to discriminatory Medicaid policies. Civil unions advance in Delaware but marriage is on the rocks in Rhode Island. And will we see Prop 8 back on the ballot in 2012?


Anti-gay forces in Maryland set marriage back another year. That setback is softened by advances in New York, Colorado, and Washington, plus a new ad for equality launches in Rhode Island, but is it too soft?


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Is Obama secretly trying to lose the Defense of Marriage case?

In New Hampshire, Republicans avoid a showdown over gay marriage, but in Iowa they won’t even allow a gay Presidential candidate into a debate.

And here in California, an embarrassing end for Imperial County.

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GetEqual dissects NOM’s newest campaign against marriage