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I feel like I’ve been centering my thoughts around the idea that it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not because it’s irrelevant and that there are other elements of the Bachmann situation to be more concerned about that rest less on ambiguity and more on fact. But maybe I need to, at least in part, distance myself from this idea because it is entirely relevant whether or not Marcus Bachmann is a closeted homosexual or has undergone reparative therapy himself. Their very public and very extreme position on my sexuality and my identity would not allow for me to exist safely, productively and happily if they had their way.

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c. TCJ2020

Culturually, it’s commonly accepted that fathers teach their sons about how to be men. When fathers are present, of course. But what about women’s masculinity? Or trans masculinity? Some dads have no problem mentoring their queer children in masculinity (thank you!) and then some people think that doing so would be wrong.

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Photo by Diego Medrano

What is considered flagging for femmey gay men today was once, not that long ago, considered very masculine. Looking fierce with your salmon, burnout, v-neck t-shirt and leggings would have been considered downright macho just a couple decades ago. Not only does this indicate severe cultural shifts, but also that the scope of masculinity is narrowing.

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Photo by Kaitlin Whitman, TNG Flickr Pool

A few weeks ago, in a great piece about femininity/masculinity, Jean mentioned that an interest in cutesy handbags is one of those clear delineators of feminity, which is something I find to be true. Like shoes, handbags are the territory of the hyper-feminine, image-concious woman. And, as the general stereotype would go, this doesn’t include lesbians.
It’s a stereotype that I think fits, for the most part. While your fashion lesbians may waltz around with frilly purses, from my unscientific observations, most lesbians go for utility over OMG! CUTE BAG ALERT! when selecting their bag of choice.

And while I’ve never been someone that really falls into these stereotypes, when it comes to the anti-purse bandwagon, I’m totally there.

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My own understanding of sexual orientation and gender change everyday. I remember in high school and in college, even after I came out, feeling like because I wasn’t as feminine as my female friends that that must mean I was masculine. If not feminine, masculine – because there were only two options, right?

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Last night, while (ironically) baking cupcakes, my girlfriend and I had a conversation about body image that I’ve been thinking about in great depth today.

Admittedly, sexual attraction is an important component to any relationship. We choose partners (on a relatively shallow level) because we find their bodies appealing, and at some point, 99.999% of us will see our partner(s) naked.