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At the end of my first five months in gay ol’ New York City, among encounters with men of all shapes and sizes (heh), with razor blade lips and high-fashion pouts, with glistening eyes and affectionate brows; after inviting into my home countless opportunities for romance and profound mutual discovery, I have reached this ultimate conclusion: I’m better off with bread.

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Oakland Pride

You had San Francisco Pride, now it’s time for Oakland Pride!

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Summer is lasting and we’ve featured things to do after your day is done or before your night has started (or for both).

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It’s so out of fashion to say it aloud. To stand on a mountaintop and scream at the top of your lungs “Goddamnit I want so desperately for someone to fucking love me.” These are the kind of things you are never supposed to feel. And if you feel them you aren’t supposed to. Never say it out loud. Neediness equals weakness.

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Illustration by Michael Hawker

Life doesn’t stop occurring because one person has died. You can’t expect for a giant hand to pick up a giant remote control and hit pause. Things don’t go back to normal because normal changes. It becomes something different, a new variation on normal. When an integral part of you is taken away, life becomes like traveling in a foreign land in which you don’t speak the language or recognize the shapes of the signs.

Life isn’t about what we achieve, what we possess, what we are… it is about who we are and who we love and how we do that. Life is about the connections we make.


There’s going to be marriage than ever before, with another survey showing majority support for the freedom to marry. So why are Republicans spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend a law that could tear apart legally married couples like Henry and Josh? There’s promising signs for marriage in New York and Scotland, but a legal setback in Montana is likely to postpone weddings for years. And the internet’s most popular weekly LGBT marriage news video show gets a brand new logo.

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…could be the greatest love of my life, and that I deserve to experience that fully, even if it isn’t easy, even if it hurts sometimes, because hearing him call me Sugar, or kiss me on the forehead as I lay with my head on his chest in bed, his scent in my lungs, those moments are the moments we will remember when we die, not the missed calls, or sudden business trips.

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Photo Credit WikiCommons

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built the glorious Taj Mahal in memory of his third wife. It stands in Agra, India, to this day as a symbol of everlasting love. Although fictional, we all know that Romeo and Juliet were totally down with dying for each other. People have written letters to a distant lover for years during wartime, staying faithful, hoping to reunite. Now, couples break up over kitchen remodeling, computer usage or tiny gambling addictions.

What happened to grand romantic gestures?

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c. Luigi Diamanti

Three days before, I broke up with my first long-term boyfriend in what would prove to be the most difficult experience of my life. When she came out to me as a Pentecostal, we were at the dinner table with her handlebar-mustached fiancé, whom I assumed was the source of her decision. I looked up with swollen eyes, ruby slipper red from days of crying, and said nothing. I never would.

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image from speakeasydc.com

Logic, Luck, and Love: A Valentine’s Day Special was shown at Atlas Performing Arts Center by SpeakeasyDC on February 14. This show featured a stage, four folding chairs, four storytellers, and an audience that provided an amazing laugh track.