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For some reason pundits and policymakers haven’t grasped the reality that debt ceiling debates and promises of job creation won’t spur young people (generations Y, Z, etc.) to political action.

My generation was born in the era of Bush, Clinton and Bush – more importantly in the time of the rapid growth of televised news, a method of ‘learning about the world’ that is so clearly and laughably dogmatic to anyone under the age of 40. Our political environment is not real to us, we have not experienced in a direct way how changes in Washington affect our lives.

One element to this is a rote learning process that has affected every generation: Why should 21 year olds give up late night binge drinking to organize to ‘Save Medicare’?

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To be crystal clear, I think “loss of innocence” is not about “discovery of shame,” and I am not equating same-sex marriage with anything shameful, wrong or naughty. But let the lessons be taught by real-world couples who live with dignity, out of love, and with the occasional marriage license. Let the lesson be taught because OUR neighbors live life honestly, in the open. This is our fight, this is our opportunity. Do we really want to hand the job over to, well, hand puppets?


It’s been a busy week, with an incredibly offensive anti-gay brief coming out of Congress. But a surprise announcement from the American Psychological Association could put a stop to such briefs in the future. Time’s running out before North Carolina votes on banning civil unions, a tribe in Washington state votes unanimously to recognize LGBT marriage, and a survey in New Jersey proves that we’re winning. And also, that we’re losing.

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When it comes to things like pregancy, Office Bitch knows how to resist peer pressure

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The rainbow is such an amazing symbol and one that I am so proud to have as a representation of my community. The rainbow is about lots of beautiful things individually coming together to create something even more breathtaking. Nearly every person at the National Equality March was sporting a rainbow of some kind, be it on their shirt, a small flag, a bracelet, a home-knitted scarf, or even a flag that stretched across the entire street and had to be held by over 30 people. And that color and light was reflected in all of our faces. I often found myself just looking around in awe of all the smiling and beautiful people around me. There was a palpable energy in the air. It was a mixture of excitement, hope, anger, and laughter. But, like the rainbow, the combination was breathtaking.

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So as I write my blog I find my self asking how much of my blog should I whitewash/self-censor to get rid of any indication of sexuality? Do I adhere to a “don’t ask don’t tell policy” with regard to my blog and my sexuality? Isn’t all this a form of covering rooted in heteronomivity? I could write this blog, not identify as a pasture-raised queer or use innuendo in some of my writing, and just be a city boy on the farm, but wouldn’t that succumb to hiding under a lambskin?


A new twist in the Prop 8 case, with a court date coming just days after a controversial new judge is expected to join the Supreme Court. New York launches its own attack on the Defense of Marriage Act, and polling brings mostly good news, and a little bad.

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How could a gay blog outfit based in DC be hungry for political writers? Hasn’t TNG hooked up with enough enterprising Gay Inc. interns by now to fill a Netroots Nation conference room, much less to rope some hapless powertwink into posting a few hundred words each week about things like gay barbarian terrorist hordes glitterimmolating in Marcus Bachmann’s waiting room? Ah, but there’s the rub: those are are the only people we’ve hooked up with, mostly because they were the only ones who could afford to buy us drinks, and they are all boring in print, because they write press releases for a living and have real jobs to worry about.

TNG seeks hot, fresh political perspectives outside the mainstream to deepen and diversify our content. The farther outside the K Street spectrum of marriage equality, adoption, and ENDA you’re willing to write, the better: from pissing off rich old queens to courting fascism to analyzing class conflict to building queer-anti-imperial solidarity to pissing off rich old queens, we push the envelope because we aren’t sucking financial cum from the corruption-swollen cock of corporate America and its sellout gay bourgeois liberal-establishment enablers believe firmly in the democratic potential of free, independent media. So hit us up at submit@thenewgay.net, and we’ll be in touch!


Pretty quiet week, nothing too exciting — except everyone in New York getting married! Plus hearings on DOMA repeal, with Al Franken calling out an anti-gay liar. Plus more news from Maryland to Washington state.

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We, the LGBT community must consider the strides made forward for equality in this country, as well as, liberties and rights still being withheld from us, in our assessment of our status here. While, the Obama administration and the LGBT community have made headway in our tenuous relationship we must continue to hold the President accountable for rights delayed.