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In Dyke We Trust

It’s the time to hit the streets! Make some noise. Be visible. Be heard. Demonstrate, agitate, liberate!


I’ve been doing some really cool work on marriage equality that’s kept me so busy, I didn’t even have time for a proper green screen this week. But try to ignore that, because a lot is happening right now.

We’re down to the last possible second for marriage in New York, there was a major victory in California, new challenges to the Defense of Marriage act, bad news in France, and good news in Lichtenstein.


Today’s the day for the hearing over whether a gay judge is allowed to hear a case about marriage. It’s also the anniversary of the ruling that ended the ban on interracial marriage. A Catholic adoption agency in Illinois is suing for the right to stop foster kids from going to adoptive LGBT parents. And you can’t get married in Wyoming, but you can get divorced.

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c. speakeasydc.com

Last night, I attended my first D.C. Pride event and I am completely sold. Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company presented SpeakeasyDC’s production of “Don’t Ask, Do Tell: stories about coming out, coming clean, or just plain coming.” SpeakeasyDC puts on a great show: bluntly honest, hysterical, and heartfelt. This production not only exceeded expectations, but it brought something else to the evening as well: non-judgmental Pride.

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It’s not that I don’t want to be perceived as pretty, just not 24/7. Or even 8/5. How about 2/3, two hours a day three days a week? When I CHOOSE to be perceived as pretty. Although I would absolutely never choose to relive those Ugly years the same way, being The Ugly Kid taught me to value smarts over beauty. I’d far rather be called “smart person” than “pretty girl.”


A new poll shows us neck-and-neck in Minnesota, with a vote on marriage still a year off. There’s just two weeks left to pass marriage in New York, but a Senate bill still hasn’t even been introduced yet. Illinois launched civil unions this week as Rhode Island debated doing the same. And a Michigan Republican can’t tell the difference between gay couples and child abusers.

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Just kidding! It’s miserable.


This week’s all about Equality Maryland’s chaos, plus the looming deadline in New York, civil unions in Illinois, and that French politician who compared gay couples to bestiality.

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But you could be so very much better. Let me help you.

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c. Elizabeth Ann Colette, Wikimedia Commons

You know those movies where the entire day seems choreographed to a fairytale box office soundtrack- every step synchronized, bending over to pluck a four-leaf clover, sun in the eyes so bright that your smile deflects its potency, a plot driven character about to hit the apex of their arch, and that one pivotal character waiting outside an apartment steps. Well, a few weeks ago that day was mine, and I should have suspected as much.