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Language has always fascinated me. The way words come to represent concepts, or to misrepresent them, the ways the things which words represent can change and evolve, and how sometimes the words follow suit, and sometimes they don’t. Words and language are so powerful, so complex, and yet they have no reality in and of themselves. Stripped of context, language is merely a series of letters and/or sounds. In context, however, they can create or destroy whole worlds.

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When I visited New York last year I read an article in a zine from a girl who prefaced her name with about seven adjectives. She was a “radical feminist punk vegan queer blah blah motherfucking blah” writer. And as I perused her article one side of me “aww-ed” at the cute idealism of pre-packaged youth, while the other side of me guffawed at the explicit self-stereotyping going on.

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photo by kira

I have never been very good at calories. Though our culture continues to obsess over calories, and the counts are everywhere—packaging, restaurant menus, even at fast food restaurants.

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But what an artist or author happens to be plays almost nil in whether or not I enjoy their work or think it is total crap.

I happen to be trans and queer, but I don’t consider myself to be an exclusively trans/queer writer, nor would I ever want to be. That just pigeonholes me as a writer and a person, which unfortunately happens frequently…Not just to me, but to anyone who refuses to fit into or be defined by a classification in life or in art.

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I find that individuals, who start to buy “sustainable food” items, often fixate on buying solely organically certified products. While this is a good step, to begin thinking about our food—organic is not synonymous with sustainable. It is a common misconception we have as consumers prone to marketing tactics and green washing of products.

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Lately I’ve heard a lot of names being thrown around and I decided it’s about time we talk about them. While some might like labels, and feel they add levity to our struggle, others find them restrictive. If a straight person, realizing you’re not heterosexual, asks the infamous “well, what are you?!” question, how will you respond? Hopefully, this article will equip you with some tools to do so and provide deeper insight into the labeling debate.