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World capitalism continues its slow, beautiful, cabaret-tragic, compellingly Winehousean downward spiral of self-destruction. TNG does not care. TNG has been at the gay beach wrangling three-ways with our friends Jim Beam and Jose Cuervo since Wednesday, and the closest we’ve come to “economics” for 72 hours has been drunkenly totaling ice cream calories on our Iphones. “Blogging” means we didn’t even have to take vacation days for this. If this makes you feel any envy at all, it’s because you haven’t seen our checking account statements.

If you knew how early and hungover we had to get up this morning to compile a list of this week’s top articles, you’d read them all out of guilt:

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Without debating, analyzing, and criticizing we may allow the continued perpetuation of social injustices within our community or even accept what the hegemonic society has told us is “normal.”

In the end, criticism must come out of love and respect, because if this isn’t the case we will cease to be a movement.

Maybe some of our leaders in the queer community should take note of the Poverty Tour and highlight the plight of queer individuals in America: “The Queer Liberation Tour,” anyone?