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I have no romance to celebrate this year. I don’t even have a crush on anyone. As I resign myself to a life of solitude I present to you my list of the ten most heartbreaking songs ever, just in time for that sucks-if-you’re-single holiday.

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I just read a book on Joni Mitchell’s Blue period called “Will You Take Me As I Am.”The book was an analytic look at Mitchell’s so-called confessional song writing spanning from 1971-1976. I walk away from this book reminded of the scope and depth of Mitchell’s lyrics, as well as the flexibility and complexity of her musical compositions. I also walk away from this book knowing there’s no way in hell I am able to attend the Lady Gaga concert tonight in Ybor City, Tampa.

I grew up loving pop music. I was fixated by Debbie Harry in first grade. I acquired Madonna in forth grade. By sixth grade, I’d immersed myself in the lovely world of Prince and all his ladies. In sixth grade, I discovered Joni Mitchell. I suppose my appreciation of music can be divided into two categories – pre Joni and post Joni. I am a loyal fan and listener.