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I am a Jewish queer woman. Or maybe I am a queer Jewish woman. Or a woman who is Jewish and queer. Labels and definitions are always difficult when applied to holistic human beings, and become even more problematic when they seem to be pitted against one another within the same person. I’ve been observant and engaged in my Jewish identity since earliest childhood. My Judaism has always been one of the most essential elements of whom I understand myself to be. I was a public school kid, but attended Hebrew school from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. I was Jewish. I am Jewish. And then I realized I was bisexual.

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Nose, hair and penis aside, I’d be hard-pressed to call myself a visible minority. My kind of intersectionality comes with much more privilege than most. In contemporary times, at least, and in this country, being Jewish is not a liablility. This wasn’t the case for my parents. Born in the shadow of the holocaust, at a time when casual anti-semitism was as prevalent as poodle-skirts, they had to build up defenses that last to this day.

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Matisyahu brings an unsuspecting presence to the stage… He moves with an energy that seems to come from within and brings the crowd on a journey through his music—and the crowd is eager to go wherever he feels.