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The Prop 8 trial is coming to Broadway — and then to theaters all over the country. The fallout from New York continues, with renewed efforts in Maryland and Colorado. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on DOMA’s repeal on Wednesday, the 20th, and meanwhile Canada makes us look bad celebrating the sixth anniversary of marriage equality.

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Notorious flagship tote bag dispensary “Human Rights Campaign and Action Center and Store” on Connecticut Avenue totally got roughed up last night, according to TNG’s shadow-mercenary queer terrorist double-agent informants, who alerted us by way of a glamorously high-stakes and sexually tense Bond-like dead drop on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. A group going by the eminently unGoogleable name of “The Right Honorable Wicked Stepmothers’ Traveling, Drinking, and Debating Society and Men’s Auxiliary” took credit for the action, citing the inspiration of the Stonewall Riots in a playfully overcaffeinated liberal arts grad sort of press release certain to win them thousands of adoring fans in the relaxed, prank-loving, not-in-the-least-bit-politically-curmudgeonly gay blogosphere:

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The kind of bottoming I really don't enjoy

In the Gay Metropolis, “class” is something that, like AIDS and church, happens to people darker than you. Chances are you’re furrowing a piously liberal brow at the casual racism of the comment, and missing the point altogether. This is instructive. It means the American higher education system that discharged its post-Cold War ideological duties admirably, convincing you that race, gender, and sexual orientation are the only ways people get screwed over in the modern world, and that oppression means something on the order of getting left out of your campus hate-speech policy. It means you think urban gay life is a bright post-scarcity nexus of upward mobility, one in which you and your friends get to chase dream jobs and gush money on South America trips and townhouse down payments. It means, in short, that you’re a perfectly normal homosexual man, not paying attention to America’s slouch toward Third World exhaustion.

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Even if you don’t know the name behind the logo, you’ve probably seen it plastered in store windows and on car bumpers for years. The Human Rights Campaign, whose name seems innocuous enough to perhaps even secure the support of unwitting conservatives, is an organization dedicated to LGBT rights. It is also an organization, headquartered in Washington, that has been both appreciated and condemned by members of the gay community. It is also an organization that performs primarily via fundraising efforts that include badgering its members with nonstop phone calls asking for pledges.

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Editorial cartoon

It’s been just over a year since the Obama’s added Bo to their family. But Obama has other pets that have gotten to know the White House well, too: Michael Petrelis reports that Human Rights Campaign spent a total of 88 days in the White House in 2009, and HRC president Joe Solmonese clocks in with at least 12 visits. With influence like that, who needs civil rights?!

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Join the Human Rights Campaign, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and nationally known entertainer Kathy Griffin at a rally this Thursday at noon on Freedom Plaza to call for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” this year.

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I was fortunate enough to get to inteview one of the invited artists, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, at Manifest Equality, a temporary exhibition that represents the artistic community’s response to Proposition 8 and how the struggle for equality fits in to the greater civil rights movement.

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[caption id="attachment_8962" align="alignright" width="161" caption="Graphic provided by Gaydays.com."]Graphic provided by Gaydays.com.[/caption]Members of the GLBT community from all over the world will be stampeding across the Orlando Disney and Universal parks this weekend in red tees. Until June 7, there will be pool parties, movie screening, dance parties, t dances, and pretty much any kind of fun you can imagine.