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Boston, Weekend Preview »


After a chilly week, a long (and hopefully warm) weekend will be well-deserved.

Boston, Weekend Preview »

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This summer the U.S. survived a potential default, Boston survived an epic heat wave…but the question remains, can you survive this weekend?

Boston, Weekend Preview »

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Are you feeling the heat, Boston? While it might make for a sweaty commute, at least it doesn’t require scaling six foot high snow piles while trying to catch the bus (thank you, February). Instead of reminiscing about cooler times, sip on some lemonade and take a moment to check out our finely tuned weekend agenda for Boston.

Boston, Weekend Preview »


This weekend’s offerings include a block party on Massachusetts Avenue, a burlesque showdown in Harvard Square, and an “It Gets Better” fundraiser in Central Square, among other summery happenings. So put on your party pants and go check out these events!

Boston, Weekend Preview »

pride parade

Happy Pride month, everyone! We’re well aware that this month means city-hopping on the Pride party circuit for some and staying local to avoid Gaga’s little monsters for plenty of others. Whether or not you plan on flaunting the rainbow flag in the near future, June looks to be an eventful month in Boston.

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Claire and Gretchen kiss on Heroes

In the age of openly gay television networks and a growing number of states adopting gay marriage or at least some level of domestic partnership/gay marriage status recognition, it’s hardly controversial to have a televisions show’s main character discover her inner lesbian. While many devoted viewers have at this point deleted their DVR’s auto record of Heroes, now in it’s fourth season, I am still watching. Maybe I’m still waiting for Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) to find their inner homo, much in the way Trekkie fan fiction envisions the Kirk and Spock saga. This week’s Heroes unveiled Claire Bennet’s (Hayden Panettiere) not so secret desire for her roommate and newest link to a sense of “normality,” Gretchen Berg ( Californication’s Madeline Zima).