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I’ll just rip off the bandage: The New Gay is shutting down. It’s been a fun ride over the past four years. But the site grew so much and so quickly that our rag-tag group of volunteers couldn’t keep up with it. After wrangling with this issue for a while, we decided it was time to close up shop. So now, it’s on to other things.

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How could you look at that face and not go gay? (courtesy mtv)

I was a junior in high school and my family didn’t have cable, so in order to watch Real World I’d hang out with my friend Liz. Liz and her friends were all Mormons, and Liz and I thought we were into each other. We gave it our best shot, but really we didn’t stand a chance. Plenty of gay guys had sex with girls in high school, but I doubt many of them did while hanging out with Mormons and watching a TV show featuring adorable, openly gay, too-good-to-be true Southern hunk Danny Roberts.