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(c) Guillermo Riveros

Avery would cut through the bottom left corner of the park, to get to a Q-train at 57th Street and eventually home to Brooklyn. Though his iPod had died on the way uptown, he kept the earphones in, only listening to his own muffled footsteps. Each passing lamp post kept him from being swallowed by the black that such a moonless night provided.

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Upon coming to Japan, I found a culture that seemed not only aware of death, but almost fixated on it. I was told to never stick my chopsticks into a bowl of rice, not just because it was bad manners but because it symbolized the incense used at funerals. When a weasel sneaked into my school office one night, I learned that this too was a signifier of death. Don’t wear a watch on your wrist. Don’t wear white. I missed my train home to Sakurai one night last week because someone had thrown themselves in front of it.