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There has been a theory for decades that chauvinistic straight men are homophobic because they fear that gay men will mistreat them, just like how they mistreat women. Many homophobic men will actually admit that’s why they’re homophobic (sometimes with pride).

Yes, there are predatory gay people and, yes, my cousin’s situation is only one person’s. However, his story implies that the fear of these homophobes is unfounded. Many gay men won’t catcall straight men, either out of fear of retribution or because it would be pointless.

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So as I write my blog I find my self asking how much of my blog should I whitewash/self-censor to get rid of any indication of sexuality? Do I adhere to a “don’t ask don’t tell policy” with regard to my blog and my sexuality? Isn’t all this a form of covering rooted in heteronomivity? I could write this blog, not identify as a pasture-raised queer or use innuendo in some of my writing, and just be a city boy on the farm, but wouldn’t that succumb to hiding under a lambskin?


A new twist in the Prop 8 case, with a court date coming just days after a controversial new judge is expected to join the Supreme Court. New York launches its own attack on the Defense of Marriage Act, and polling brings mostly good news, and a little bad.


Pretty quiet week, nothing too exciting — except everyone in New York getting married! Plus hearings on DOMA repeal, with Al Franken calling out an anti-gay liar. Plus more news from Maryland to Washington state.

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Last night I saw Mike’s picture. I was caught off guard. Usually he made me grimace but instead I felt this intense urge to be held by him. To smell his hair. To love his voice instead of hating it like I did for two decades. I connected with a long-buried disappointment and realized that underneath all my hate for Mike was a long unanswered love.


The Prop 8 trial is coming to Broadway — and then to theaters all over the country. The fallout from New York continues, with renewed efforts in Maryland and Colorado. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on DOMA’s repeal on Wednesday, the 20th, and meanwhile Canada makes us look bad celebrating the sixth anniversary of marriage equality.

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When I lived in India I played with these identities and throuroghly embraced the “going native” aspect of the anthropologist. Some might have even said I adopted an Indian identity. I after all did wear the traditional “garb” (I generally take offence to the term garb as it seems to fit into an objectified view of the other- but here I like to indulge in my pet peeves: so there). I wore kurtas, veshti (basically an Indian sarang), spoke Tamil, and ate with my fingers like a pro.

Now as a farmer, I don the Carharts, tractor supply baseball hat and revel in driving big loud diesel trucks. As I age, I find that I am less intrigued by the adventure of “going native” and rather enjoy bending those identities. Sometimes a pasture raised queer just needs to gay- it up a little.


It’s been another super busy week so let’s get right to it: Rhode Island is getting civil unions but along with them come some dangerous anti-gay laws. Maine will collect signatures to overturn that state’s marriage ban, and seven couples have sued New Jersey to do the same there. The American Medical Association endorsed marriage equality, the National Organization for Marriage won’t be allowed to use secret donors in Minnesota, the Department of Justice sided against DOMA in one case and with DOMA in another. And as of this weekend, I’ve moved: goodbye San Francisco, and hello West Hollywood.

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Just a A French Teenage Crossdresser & His Mistress, c. Mommy Fiercest

I had decided that I would fall in love with Émile Bonnet before I’d ever even met him. He was my junior high school boyfriends foreign exchange student. He was 19 and he was french. I loved Émile because he was smart and worldly and he did what I wanted him to do.

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Two weeks ago, Erick put together a very well-received sponsorship package for the Fresh Air Fund to be underwritten by the Fresh Fruits Initiative. Since the FFI had been approached to essentially foot the bill for a campaign that Lefty Magazine would still making a commission on, they issued a challenge for them make a sacrificial contribution of their own to the Fresh Air Fund.

It was decided that Erick and Abram, who closed the deal with the FFI, would fly to New York for the week to help drive inner-city kids to the homes of their host families in more rural and suburban areas in the northeast and mid-Atlantic.