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Dame, die sich die Hände wäscht by Gerard ter Borch, taken from Wikimedia Commons

I am pretty fresh and sheltered when it comes to the history and realities of HIV/AIDS in our community; I wasn’t born until the early 90’s, have almost always lived in suburbia, and have never known anyone who has HIV/AIDs, let alone died from it. According to Larry Kramer, that puts me in the league of the lazy, uneducated gays of my generation by default (after he admonishes me for calling myself queer). However, I strive to be neither purposefully ignorant nor excessively fearful.

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c. Julie Michelle (http://iliveheresf.com/?p=1988)

“I also want to go to Boystown while I’m here,” was my next suggestion.

“The neighborhood has changed,” Adia, a Boystown resident, told me in a cautious, you-better-watch-out tone.

“I know,” I replied. “It’s in every local paper.” On Independence Day eve, a man was stabbed on Halsted right between Roscoe Street and Belmont. The incident involved a horde of African-Americans, dashing and shouting, and a bystander catching it on tape and posting it on YouTube. It seems social media is not a cure for Genovese syndrome.

“I grew up there, my mom still lives there, and as an African-American, it just makes me sad to see it all go down in my neighborhood,” Whitney said.

The video rekindled tensions, racial or otherwise, and launched another round of finger pointing in the gay community. On one side, the mostly white local residents and business owners who cited crime as the main concern and went insofar as to creating a Facebook page, Take Back Boystown. On the other side, the urban youth advocates who defend the Center on Halsted’s community services for queer kids of color.

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A few weeks ago, I suffered a birthday. At my age, I no longer care to celebrate birthdays. I merely endure them, as inconspicuously as possible, and hope no one else remembers. I am none too thrilled about getting older. I feel okay, but age does strange and disturbing things to the body. Plus, society in general tends to be a bit youth-obsessed, and gay men in particular can be extremely ageist. I’ve tried to keep myself in relatively decent shape; however, over the years, my skin has lost a considerable amount of elasticity, and I find that exercise doesn’t have quite the impact it once did. Mercifully, people rarely think that I look my age. Although, I’m not sure how my age is supposed to look. I consider it to be case-specific. I believe that genetics and self-improvement play a substantial role in determining how one does or does not display the influence of time. Personally, I often think I’m gross. And occasionally, I suffer, to varying degrees, from feelings of obsolescence. I’ve tried to rise above it, but it never fully dissipates. Being single doesn’t really help all that much.

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The Gay Comic Nerd turns 25

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The Gay Nerd Comic charts his many selves


It’s been a busy week, with an incredibly offensive anti-gay brief coming out of Congress. But a surprise announcement from the American Psychological Association could put a stop to such briefs in the future. Time’s running out before North Carolina votes on banning civil unions, a tribe in Washington state votes unanimously to recognize LGBT marriage, and a survey in New Jersey proves that we’re winning. And also, that we’re losing.

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To some degree everyone has a fetish; some call them preferences, while others are more honest with themselves. Fetish connotes that a particular sexual or erotic taste lies outside of the ‘ordinary’ realm, but adhering to an active socially accepted preference is still a fetish.

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When it comes to things like pregancy, Office Bitch knows how to resist peer pressure

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A night out with my friends

I don’t ever want to grow up. Thankfully because I am gay I’m allowed a longer lease on my youth.

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Victoria Jackson recently posted a column on ultra-conservative website WorldNetDaily entitled, “The Muslims Next Door.” In the very first paragraph of Jackson’s article, she divulges,” Frankly, I’m afraid to say anything about Muslims. Why? Because they kill people.” Given the instantaneous self-contradiction of her declaration, I think it’s safe to assume she really isn’t all that afraid. Jackson goes on to further malign Muslims, among others. Ironically, no one, not even the killer Muslims, cared. All of that faux fear wasted. What did garner Victoria Jackson some undoubtedly much-sought-after attention, however, was an idiotic non sequitur that appeared later in the article. Jackson makes light of an alleged beauty magazine for al-Qaeda women by musing that it is “as ridiculous as two men kissing on the mouth.” I’m not, in the least, sure what one thing has to do with the other, but, I’m confident it all makes sense in the mind of Ms. Jackson. She continues, “Did you see ‘Glee’ this week? Sickening!”