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Field Music broke their hiatus with a double album Measure that for all of it’s grand expectation wasn’t that bad of an album. The band are at it again. Next year will see the release of Plumb. Today we have a track from the album “(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing.”

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Hey y’all. So after the snow, it has been a slow week. Lots of stuff comes out in March, and I have a lot of records in my queue, but I’ve been too lazy to listen to all ofthem, becuase I found a couple records I’ve been stuck on. Unfortunately those don’t come out for a bit, so although this round-up will be shorter than the others, look forward to longer more expansive updates on all things music. Because I, Rohan, listen to things, so you don’t have to. Consider yourself lucky to have me in your life—or not.