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I turn 29 on the 29th of next month. I am not at all bothered by the fact that I am ending my 20s, or that I am swiftly approaching 30. Those things mean nothing to me besides the fact that I’m probably in the best shape of my life, I’m in a great relationship, and have a good job.

What does interest me is that fact that I was 19 when I had my first real girlfriend, so this year I am marking my 10 year anniversary of Queerdom.

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When I was five my mother married a new man named Don. Don was a country boy. My first memory of him was on a motorcycle. My childhood heart was guarded and defensive. Who was this new man stealing my mommy?

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My brother and I, 1986

When Miss America wins the pageant she often wishes for world peace. If I was Miss America my one wish would be for my mother and my brother to be less sad.

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c. TCJ2020

Culturually, it’s commonly accepted that fathers teach their sons about how to be men. When fathers are present, of course. But what about women’s masculinity? Or trans masculinity? Some dads have no problem mentoring their queer children in masculinity (thank you!) and then some people think that doing so would be wrong.

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c. Luigi Diamanti

Three days before, I broke up with my first long-term boyfriend in what would prove to be the most difficult experience of my life. When she came out to me as a Pentecostal, we were at the dinner table with her handlebar-mustached fiancé, whom I assumed was the source of her decision. I looked up with swollen eyes, ruby slipper red from days of crying, and said nothing. I never would.

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(courtesy fox.com)

I didn’t go into Bob’s Burger expecting to enjoy myself. To my great delight the show is a total pleasant surprise! It centers around a family who owns and operates a burger joint (that’s not the surprise), and it refreshingly treats them pretty much like a normal family. Instead of the father being an infuriatingly imbecilic drunk, he’s just a dad who sometimes does stupid or insensitive things. Instead of the mother being a sexpot with the patience of a saint she’s a dorky mom who fusses and is rarely in on the joke. My favorite character is Tina, the eldest daughter.

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This Monday, The Center for American Progress will host The Critical Role of Family Support of LGBT Youth, a panel discussion that will present evidence that shows how and why families are an essential support for LGBT youth.

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la foto

The pasta was unlike any other box pasta I had eaten—it wasn’t the rubbery pasta that comes from a box, but it wasn’t super doughy as if I was eating boiled, unbaked bread. Rather, it was light and full of flavor, the way pasta was meant to taste.

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care to share that cheese?

Sharing a meal, not only brings people together for a common purpose, but it creates an intimate experience for the diners.

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Photo by Rudolf van Dommele

Earlier this week Dar Williams released her latest project, a two disc set, Many Great Companions. The first disc contains new versions of some of her most popular songs and includes collaborations with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Patty Larkin, and Sean and Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek. The second disc is a compilation of songs titled “The Best of Dar Williams.”

I spoke with Dar briefly about her career, her work, and her family while she attempted to calm her crying daughter and answer questions for her six year-old son. To say that she is multi-talented is an understatement.