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Several years ago, I told someone that I was HIV positive before I agreed to his invitation for a date. “Yeah, I know,” he casually replied, and then he looked a little embarrassed, as if he shouldn’t have said it. It was too late, of course; I knew exactly what he meant. He knew my HIV status because of the appearance of my face.

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There is also a gay specific one called ManRoulette. Though it would be much more accurate to call it “DickRoulette,” “DisembodiedGapingAsshole Roulette,” or”WideEyed16YearOldBoyBeingRobbedOfHisInnocence Roulette,” I assume those names were taken. Misnomered as it was, that was the place I decided to see what the whole phenomenon was all about. And I pray to god that this whole post doesn’t make me sound like some sex-deprived Mickey Rooney, ranting about Lady GooGoo and kids these days, but goddamn did this site make me feel like I was in a pornographically Dystopian episode of The Outer Limits.