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In the spirit of Halloween, we hope that this SF Weekend Preview, Halloween Edition brings some happiness and people together for a weekend of simple fun.

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Summer is lasting and we’ve featured things to do after your day is done or before your night has started (or for both).

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Oh no! Where did the sun go, it’s missing out.

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Daytime Realness

Next Sunday, July 17, the folks who brought you Hard French (DJ Carnita) and Viennetta Discotheque (DJ Stanley Frank, a.k.a. Chilidog) are unveiling a new party that I’m willing to predict– based on the performers lined up for the event– will become a new cult fave for the underground disco set. The press release speaks for itself:

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We caught the Pride fever and fattened this SF Pride Edition up!

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hard benefit

On to bigger and better things, as we enter into March.

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go bang

No matter how you like to do it; booty shaking, arm waving, break dancing, or just swaying, now is the time to get down and break a sweat.

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The Hard French Crew

One of the best things about living in a city like San Francisco is that no one here is afraid to let their freak flag fly. And people party like you wouldn’t believe. If you’re queer, there simply isn’t any better place to call home.

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Hard French, spun by DJs Carnita and Brown Amy, and other special guests, took place on a Saturday afternoon at an unassuming dive bar called El Rio. I got there too late for the free barbeque, which was heartbreaking to say the least, but I got something even better than a pulled pork sandwich: A surprise. I go to a lot of alternative and “alternative” queer parties, and I find that most fall into the same unnapealing trap of making assumptions about what gay people like.

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Goddammit. I feel like I’ve been writing about San Francisco Gay Pride events for the last two weeks… I thought it would never get here. This year Gay Pride celebrates its 40th Anniversary on the Barbary Coast. Check out the official San Francisco Gay Pride website for a complete list of events associated with the celebration. And all weekend long, there will be a shitload of parties up and down Market Street. Rather than list them all here, I’m just giving you the The New Gay picks. Read on…