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Boston, Weekend Preview »


After a chilly week, a long (and hopefully warm) weekend will be well-deserved.

Boston, Weekend Preview »


Twisted variety shows, electropop bliss, Joan Jett, and guerrilla girl bars are the agenda this weekend.

Boston, Events, Weekend Preview »

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Blame it on spaced-out dreams of summer weather or fried brains from finals, but we missed a big event last week, The Boston LGBT Film Festival! But fret not, it runs through Sunday and tickets are still available. Get the schedule and movie details here. And even if you’re not a queer cinema aficionado there are plenty of other options for this weekend, including new parties, shows and some of the same great events around the city.

Boston, Weekend Preview »


I spent all day trying to conjure up a theme for this week’s Preview and naturally, all I could come up with were my usual gripes about work, the weather, and varying ways in which my morning commute annoys me.

But then I made the astoundingly obvious realization that the weekend is the opposite of those day to day stressors. Rain or shine, it’s a time to let go and appreciate the people around you and the city you live in. I’m the last one to suggest that we all sit around drinking mate and singing Kumbaya together, but by all means, use the weekend to forget about all the things that drive you crazy during the week.

Boston, Weekend Preview »

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

As much as I want to rant about the weather for the third week in a row, I’m going to let it go this time [even though the pipes in my apartment froze twice this week and I really want to bitch about it]. Why? Because TNG Boston has more exciting and relevant news for you! In addition to covering the city’s alt-queer-indie events, we’ve recently added a theater contributor to the mix to broaden our Beantown horizons. You can check out his first article on Boston’s underrated theater scene here.

Boston, Weekend Preview »


Okay, story time. Before I moved to Boston last January, my concept of the New England lifestyle had been formed almost entirely through watching episodes of Gilmore Girls (don’t hate). Seriously. Of course, I quickly learned that Cambridge wasn’t exactly Stars Hollow and that a gaggle of quirky townie friends were not standard issue for the region’s residents. So after ten months of living in Boston, I had finally accepted that my New England fantasy was mostly, well, fantastical.

However, the one thing that television and movies were not lying about is that fall in New England is nothing but full-on autumnal bliss. And along with the beautiful weather and scenery, there are scores of new events on the agenda for intrepid Bostonians – and none of them involve watching reruns on the WB…