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Beekman boys Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell (courtesy Planet Green)

Topher had a chance to connect with the fabulous Beekman boys (from The Fabulous Beekman Boys) before their show’s premiere last year. Thanks in no small part to TNG’s coverage, the first season was well received, and Planet Green eagerly gave the ok for a second. The new season kicked off last week, and picks up right where season one concludes. The gentleman farmers themselves, Josh and Brent, took a little time to connect with Topher on what’s new in season two.

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Mantracker and his sidekick are gonna getcha! (courtesy The Science Channel)

Instead of drawing inspiration from Bang Bus, The Science Channel’s Mantracker more closely resembles “The Most Dangerous Game.” Basically, the Mantracker hunts contestants on the show for sport. The contestants are on foot, and take off into the wilderness armed with a map, a compass, and a head start. Their goal is to make it to a predetermined destination before Mantracker can pick up their trail, stalk them silently, and brutally slay them.

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(courtesy Discovery Channel)

Some people help their friends move by having packing parties, by donating boxes they have laying around the house, or by lending their truck for the day. I help my friends move by making sure they’ve got their priorities straight. “So what’s your Rage Virus plan?” Sure it’s great that they’re getting to know their local grocer and getting accustomed to the nearby bus routes, but if they’re not preparing themselves for the day when a rampant plague summons hordes of walking dead to their doorstep, then I probably shouldn’t be wasting my time and love on someone who’s for all intents and purposes just one more zombie from which I’ll need to defend myself.

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courtesy investigation.discovery.com

Hookers: Saved on the Strip is everything good we’ve come to expect from an “educational”-type reality show. Premiering on Investigation Discovery this Wednesday the 8th, the show is like a female version of Dog The Bounty Hunter, introducing us to a seedier side of America courtesy of someone who knows it inside and out.

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courtesy Dennis Amith, nt2099.com

“Violent, alcoholic, and practiced in psychological terror, Joan did not seem to be a natural mother.”

The narrator of Investigation Discovery’s new show The Will: Family Secrets Revealed does not pull any punches. Harsh, but we all knew that about Joan Crawford already, didn’t we? In a genre of television I hate to love, this docu-drama program paws over interesting estates and controversial final testaments of the deceased, and for its premier episode turns its sights on one of the most popular actresses of all time.

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If the Odd Couple came out of the closet (finally!) and moved to a farm in upstate New York their show would be “The Fabulous Beekman Boys”, the latest offering from Discovery’s fledgling channel Planet Green.