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In the spirit of Halloween, we hope that this SF Weekend Preview, Halloween Edition brings some happiness and people together for a weekend of simple fun.

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Phatima Rude

Scene queens, how ’bout a little April redux?

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As one of the events editors for San Francisco, I have had the opportunity to meet some fascinating and creative people who make the city so colorful. One of my favorite events to cover (and to dance and get drunk at) has been the Go BANG! party at Deco Lounge in part because it’s, well, BANGING, and also because of the unabashed passion that party co-founder, Sergio Fedasz, puts into every fourth Saturday night. It’s fun, it’s energetic, it’s sweaty and it’s banging. Sergio himself has become a fixture in the club scene from Go BANG! to his radio show on KALX, to Friday nights at Cafe Flore and through the endless collaborations with other DJs across the city. It’s no surprise that he won SF Weekly’s Readers’ Poll for Best DJ in 2010. This Saturday, Go BANG! sets to explode at the Deco Lounge, and Sergio took some time to answer a few questions for The New Gay.

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go bang

No matter how you like to do it; booty shaking, arm waving, break dancing, or just swaying, now is the time to get down and break a sweat.

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Dark Room at The Hot Spot

Are you a scene queen? TNG San Francisco Contributor, Bryan Garcia, shares pictures from San Francisco during the month of January.

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Go BANG! celebrates its second anniversary in style this weekend!

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Goddammit. I feel like I’ve been writing about San Francisco Gay Pride events for the last two weeks… I thought it would never get here. This year Gay Pride celebrates its 40th Anniversary on the Barbary Coast. Check out the official San Francisco Gay Pride website for a complete list of events associated with the celebration. And all weekend long, there will be a shitload of parties up and down Market Street. Rather than list them all here, I’m just giving you the The New Gay picks. Read on…

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Come one, come all. Have your Bob Mould and bears, murdered FTM queer porn, banging Tres Lingerie, Stanley Frank’s mustache and a street full o’ clothes. For it’s another weekend in San Francisco.