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c. Grzegorz Wysocki, Wikimedia Commons

There’s been quite a bit of activity on here lately questioning the best course of action for achieving the rights of transgendered people, whether it’s in allegiance with the gay and lesbian community or separately. All of the discussion resulting from these two recent posts has got me wondering, what does “Dropping the T” mean really? How would it impact the different sections of the queer community? How could it be helpful or hurtful towards trans rights? I feel that many individuals commenting on recent posts have differing ideas of how such a disassociation would pan out, resulting in contention, confusion and anger.

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Gay Marriage Rally

The original post was NOT about a certain pop singer. She’s one tree; I’m writing about the forest. The post was also not specifically about Egypt either. It’s a drop of water in a larger ocean. The critiques I made on the Day of Rage were not only emanating from or solely about that event. I used it, and social networking, as an analogy through which to comment on an issue I’ve as a member of the queer community repeatedly encountered. It’s an issue that’s caused frustration as I’ve actively pursued equality for my community, as illustrated by my involvement in the Prop 8 fight. I’m not alone in this experience. The issue is simple: apathy — not only toward the struggles of our less fortunate and oppressed brethren, but also toward our own causes.

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queer liberation

Apparently there is still a debate about whether or not Trans people should be included in LGBT. But what does a trans person think about that?

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1979 Georgetown University

The goal was to have a civil discussion on the question of marriage from a Catholic perspective. Though in a case like this where neither side is likely to be convinced of much by any argument it is ultimately an exercise in circular talking points