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At the end of my first five months in gay ol’ New York City, among encounters with men of all shapes and sizes (heh), with razor blade lips and high-fashion pouts, with glistening eyes and affectionate brows; after inviting into my home countless opportunities for romance and profound mutual discovery, I have reached this ultimate conclusion: I’m better off with bread.

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Though it was a rainy week all across the eastern seaboard, this was a slow week was a drought for TNG. We are still looking for writers so head over to our Get Involved page for more information.

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Don’t tell me that the first date is super casual… jeans and t-shirts attire. I don’t date like that. I don’t do jeans and t-shirts in general. I do pencil skirts, I do slacks. This to me just translates to “I’m lazy and can’t force myself to dress nicely for you, so rather than feel badly about my attire, I’m going to tell you to dumb it down too.”

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Erick and Chris are watching the first season of Friday Night Lights on DVD. The last episode on the second disc finishes playing. Erick gets up to take the second disc out of his DVD player and loads up the third disc.

“How’s Eugene doing?” Chris asks. This comes across as somewhat out of the blue to Erick but Eugene has been lingering in the back of Chris’s mind since Erick finally met him in person several weeks ago after talking for four years. He has yet to figure out if this is cause for concern or if it amounts to just a harmless little crush.

Erick freezes for a moment before continuing. “Um…I’m not sure. I haven’t heard from him in a couple of weeks. I’m sure he’s fine though.”

“Let’s schedule another date with him, but I’d like to go this time.”

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Once upon a time I used to wear my hair long. I also used to take showers instead of baths. And there’s something else I used to do that I don’t do anymore: the second I became interested in someone I burdened them with a long grocery list of everything that was wrong with me and everything bad that had ever happened in my life.

Before someone got the chance to know me I warned them about everything awful I was going to do and I filled them in on the childhood trauma I was using as an excuse for that action. Long before I let someone know my favorite soda, what I liked on my pizza, and what my favorite Joni Mitchell song was, I let them know each of my defense mechanisms and what all of my flaws are.

With the trap door flying open on all my discrepancies, it’s no surprise not many stuck around for the pizza.

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In 2002 I was leading a double life that I am certain many gay men live. In public I was all smiles and jokes. No matter how outrageously fun the dance floor was or how many laughs I shared at a meal with my friends…I always went home and immediately got on gay chat sites.

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broken heart

Breaking up sucks. There’s no two ways about it. It sucks to be dumped and it’s hard to hurt the person you’ve been dating. What’s important to remember though is that if you are breaking up it’s for a reason and that as hard as it may be, you will be okay.

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Somewhere deep in the recesses of When Harry Met Sally early 90s meditations on gender, a gravestone of the most clichéd contemplation lies.

Can Men and Woman Really Be Just Friends?

Hopefully we have all moved past such a woefully simple perspective on gender and relationships to a place where friendships can exist without sex and sex can exist without friendships. Where men and women and gay and straight are all a part of one community with individual differences not characterized as whole groups. There does, however, still seem to be one question looming out there – when is the right time to “out” yourself?

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After a break-up some people cry, eat their feelings and hibernate until either they feel better and ready to move forward, or they’re dragged out of their caves by concerned friends, while other people tear up the town looking to rebound. We can argue which is healthier but since everybody’s different, I think it depends on the person as to which is the right thing to do, and sometimes a person may need to figure it out the hard way for herself which is better.

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I certainly wouldn’t mind competing with the gays to take back my right to be a slut if it meant being a normal person who collects vagina photos on my cell phone. I am still curious to find out how developing applications and dating sites for lesbians might change our losing battle with gay men for their stereotypical reign as the classiest sluts. But until my Scissr debuts, I will just have to settle for meeting girls the old fashion lesbian way — through my exes!