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Without debating, analyzing, and criticizing we may allow the continued perpetuation of social injustices within our community or even accept what the hegemonic society has told us is “normal.”

In the end, criticism must come out of love and respect, because if this isn’t the case we will cease to be a movement.

Maybe some of our leaders in the queer community should take note of the Poverty Tour and highlight the plight of queer individuals in America: “The Queer Liberation Tour,” anyone?


As TNG’s first official admission into Dan Savage’s anti-queer-suicide”It Gets Better” project, The New Pornographers have given us this gorgeous acoustic version of their song “Adventures in Solitude,” especially for the cause. Ranked number one on our list of “Anti-Suicide Anthms,” I’ve always found this song to be a powerful statement about getting through bad times and the people that are still there for you when you emerge.

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Dan Savage, who is typically quite critical of religion, tells the BigThink.com how a Catholic priest helped his mother come to terms with his homosexuality.

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Dan Savage said on his Big Think channel that “Religious people have to reconcile themselves to ignore what the Bible says about gay people.”

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Dan, Ellen and Sarah all share their message–it DOES get better

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The news of the recent suicides by gay youth is heartbreaking, tragic, and unnecessary. Yet, voices are being raised and these are some of the messages and videos that can be shared.

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Greg and Henry

On Saturday afternoon, May 1, I was walking through Times Square in the early summer heat. It never crossed my mind that something sinister had been set in motion. The plan would ultimately fail. But the dramatic scene captured all of Broadway’s attention. Most of the world’s attention. Even so, the old adage is true: The show must go on—and they did.

The only thing on my mind was getting a bite to eat before meeting friends at The New Group @ Theater Row (410 W. 42nd St.) to see Dan Savage’s The Kid.