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Without debating, analyzing, and criticizing we may allow the continued perpetuation of social injustices within our community or even accept what the hegemonic society has told us is “normal.”

In the end, criticism must come out of love and respect, because if this isn’t the case we will cease to be a movement.

Maybe some of our leaders in the queer community should take note of the Poverty Tour and highlight the plight of queer individuals in America: “The Queer Liberation Tour,” anyone?

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The people at Respect DC and the dozens who showed up in support of the campaign, comrades to the last man and woman, did a fine job by the standards of the Left. The problem is those standards themselves – they’re the marriage vows of a battered wife, after all, bleary and diminished expectations we had to content ourselves with in the few decades between the end of the Cold War and the present moment, when class struggle was a matter of damage control and no one could afford to question the free market fundamentalism that elite economics departments were paid very well to evangelize. Brushfire, strong winds, the clearing of dead wood: those of us the capricious hand of Capital equipped with structural underemployment and time to read and write have our work cut out for us.

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I have a theory and many of you will disagree with me. Some may not even know what I’m talking about, but bear with me: Vida Metropole, an ultra high-class gym in the heart of DC’s gayborhood, is actually a cult. What looks from the outside like a perfectly normal gay workout facility, with a clean, pleasant lobby and an attached salon, is in fact a brain-washing facility for DC’s gorgeous gay elite.