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When I visited New York last year I read an article in a zine from a girl who prefaced her name with about seven adjectives. She was a “radical feminist punk vegan queer blah blah motherfucking blah” writer. And as I perused her article one side of me “aww-ed” at the cute idealism of pre-packaged youth, while the other side of me guffawed at the explicit self-stereotyping going on.

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In Memory of Lambda Rising

Naked hardbodies writhing up against each other. Topless women with buzzed heads. Sex, drugs and more sex and drugs.

Even though these are images often associated with Gay Pride by “mainstream culture” I have always stood by supportively of what I think Pride really means. I believe it’s important for minority groups to actively acknowledge their own existence and to push for equality on all fronts. I think events like Pride demonstrate to members of each community that LGBT people live in their neighborhoods, work in their offices and patronize their businesses. I know that often what they take away from events like Pride is really the rainbow boas, and scantily clad men, but I’m still confused when I hear gay folks or the gay community referred to as something that is “counter culture.” (Such as the implication above that “mainstream culture” sees “us” in certain light during Pride.) It is understandable for small, close communities to develop certain cultural differences as well as unique traditions, but it doesn’t mean that these things are necessarily “counter culture.”